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How to deal with panic attack without visit to ER room

My 18 yr old daughter has panic attacks on occasion. It has happened a few times, she always wants to go to local ER room. She is taking lexapro daily for a couple of years. Today I was able to talk her out of ER room visit and we spent day together instead. How do I get her to understand that these attacks can be managed with TLC and some positive self talk?

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It's not that easy though. Is she seeing a therapist? She needs to learn coping skills she can fall back on if something happens. That takes time and practice. Positive self talk and TLC are a great start, but they may not help her in every situation that triggers a panic attack.


She was seeing therapist for 2.5 yrs, but she took medical leave, having trouble finding a new one she clicks with. It feels like she is doing fine for while, then when she encounters a big change, feels like we r re-learning coping strategies each time. We will seek out new therapist & re-group.

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I studied Psychology earning a bachelor degree in an attempt to understand my Father's and Brother's anxiety and panic attacks. 4 years later I was still clueless as to what they were going through. 2 years after graduating I too was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and panic attacks. I now know how they felt. Turns out that only people with the disease can understand. Benzodiazepines like Xanax and Klonopin are very helpful with pain attacks however most doctors are afraid to prescribe these very helpful meds. Both of my young daughters also suffer with anxiety. Breaks my heart to see them suffer.


I used to be a sufferer of severe panic attacks, and it helped me to do some grounding techniques if I thought one was coming on, such as taking a relaxing shower, eating a favorite food and taking time to enjoy it, or other pleasant activities that stimulate the senses. I know not everyone is the same, but I hope it helps, even just a little bit. Anxiety is very based in the thoughts of the past and future, so activities like these help to pull my thoughts to the present.


Hi im new to this, im 44 and started having panic attacks when i wad 17.


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