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Panic attack, ended in ER

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Yesterday I could feel myself getting very anxious after finding out a family member has stage 3 colon cancer . I started focusing on my Fitbit heartbeats because it was showing I had 53 resting heart beat. I started googling heartbeats and worked myself up. i literately couldn’t stop my thoughts. I started feeling the panic this morning and by noon I was in the ER. Everything was fine and Fitbit watch was off . Doctor think anxiety due to family member cancer. I forgot all techniques breathing etc.. feeling like a complete failure..why I can’t control my mind? My emotions? I just feel lost...thank you for listening..

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Preciouslamb1, know that it is not unusual to feel panic and fear when hearing bad news about someone else which starts the wheel turning. We then start focusing more on ourselves waiting, watching for a catastrophic event to happen. We need to remind ourselves that our b/p and h/r are constantly changing and whether it's too high or too low, it's only portraying our emotions at the time. Medications that we are on can also affect our vitals. We tend to be too aware. Usually, it's the people who aren't aware who have issues.

As "Anxiety_59" stated in the previous post, all we've learned, going out the window, happens to all of us because of our over sensitized nervous system and active mind. The answer to that is to practice everyday feeling good or not. So that when a blip occurs and it will from time to time, you are prepared to act on controlling your emotions. It will come automatically and won't take a second thought. I find through all the years of practicing meditation and deep breathing, I can now stop a feeling from escalating giving more power to the tools we have within our reach.

Reach out to the forum when you find yourself in trouble. There is always one of our caring supportive people on line willing to hold your hand through an event. Remember you are Safe, it will pass. Believe in that and Stay Positive. :) xx

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Thank you Agora1. And yes , just like Anxiety59 suggested I practice techniques and I think is a must. After today’s episode I need to really make myself learn these techniques. Like you said, we can be better prepared when they happen. (Panic attack’s, anxiety). I feel embarrassed to even say I was at the ER. People around me do not understand anxiety.. so I don’t have support at home, or with family because I don’t want to worry them. Thanks again for listening.

I was in the ER in October after years of being fine. My trigger (which I was in denial about) was that my adult son had gone over seas to teach. I was shaking violently. I could not understand how I could have such a servere reation. You are not a failure. Sometimes our bodies just make us stop and listen. I went for counseling and discovered it was the result of an accumulation of things. I am dealing with those and getting back on track. Hang in there. Get help if you need it. We are all a work in progress.

Thank you so much Choosejoy. I actually made an appointment and going to see psychiatrist on 3/30. That day can’t come fast enough! I’m happy to hear you are getting back on track!!!

For awhile now my anxiety is getting out of control. I can't eat,sleep,or go to work. I text some people and they text back,you'll be fine,your a strong woman,ect,ect.... They have no clue,I hate being by myself,just in case something happens,but at the same time to anxious to have someone come over,I feel like I'm losing my mind,can't shut it off, I feel so all alone and at times.even tho I'm afraid to die,it would be easier than how I'm living now,cuz I'm not!!!!! Take anti anxiety pills,and anti depressant,so scared,don't know what to do. I'm a RN,and have 3 adult children,I can't let them know how bad I am,my girl is in her last year of college,she lost her dad approximately 1 1/2 years ago. She is doing awesome,and is going on to PA School. I believe she has it all together and I should. She is awesome,and right now in Africa taking care of underprivileged people,she loves doing that,I think that's what she wants to do when she gets out of PA SCHOOL. I'm so very proud of her,that was my whole life,my kids and all there friends,my house was the house every one went to,I miss that so much!!!!! They are all grown up now and have there own life,you think I'd be happy,and I am in away,but I don't know how or if I can have a life of my own. My fiancee,walked out on me 4 months ago,while I was at work no note,no call,no text,came home to a empty house,can't keep calling into work,cuz I'll lose my job,stress has manifested into physical things,I'm desperate,please someone respond,don't know what to do

So sorry to hear Scottt8. I’m no expert and just starting working on me but I practiced deep breathing last night and it helped me calm down. ((Hugs))

Thanks for responding,I do appreciate it,I've had this for most of my life,but not getting on any meds until 1999,when my mom died of CA,I have a lot of guilt lost my dad 9 years prior,so I was 29,and 38 when I lost them,sisters are much older,baby of the family,even tho I'm 56 now,All my sisters don't have this problem,so they don't quite get it

Dealing with death is very difficult, my mother passed away 4 years ago. It’s hard when people around you don’t understand how difficult it is living with this. Stay strong and know that you are no alone.

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Choosejoy in reply to Scottt8

I'm sorry. Your have been hit hard. No wonder you are struggling. If you can, call a counselor and make an appointment. You have a lot going on. It would be good to have a professional help you sort it out. Many of us have been where you are. None of us figure it out on our own.

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Scottt8 in reply to Choosejoy

Thanks,I am see a psychologist every other week,just has been a rough time lately

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Choosejoy in reply to Scottt8

I am really glad to hear that you are seeing someone. And yes that's what this is all about. I am thankful for the help I get here. Sharing (venting) is very helpful for me. I am watching, Silver Linings Playbook. So good!

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Susan512 in reply to Scottt8

Hello, do the deep breathing and meditation and takes a little bit of work to get it right but with practice you will do it with no problem, and go on YouTube and type in Vagus nerve and you will get a lot of information to help you God bless you 💜

Oh my goodness I'm so sad to hear this! Try to take slow breaths in through your nose & out through your mouth. Also try to think of things that make or made you happy! I'm here for you & care deeply! XXX

Don’t be too hard on yourself. When traumatic events happen to me, I automatically panic too. It’s because of sleep deprivation anxiety and depression. If I didn’t have these possibly I could handle things better. Even on a good day that kind of news is hard to accept.

You should be proud that your resting heartbeat was 53 that mean your heart is strong.

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