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I am new to this site. I just over the last month finally talked to someone about everything I have been experiencing since childhood. I started to develop anxiety and OCD at a young age. I went through childhood trauma growing up and I have generalized anxiety disorder, situational and social anxiety disorder, and OCD. I started therapy and have so far been to a few sesssions. I feel it's a great way for me to finally talk to someone about my life and to see my perspective with someone else's opinion who is a mental health professional. I have started rapid eye movement desensitization therapy. I have only gone through it once so far, but it already made me internally think about about a few things from my past in a different way. I still have episodes every day of panic attacks and constant thoughts going through my head of any and everything you can think of. It affects my work, my social, and personal life. If anyone needs someone to talk to Feel free to send me a message and I will respond as I am able too. I know how these conditions feel and feeling like no one understands you or thinks you should just "get over it" doesn't help at all. We are all strong on here for what we have been through.

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  • Hi Laura, I agree with you that we are all strong who have had to live with anxiety. I have GAD, too. I think it's pretty nasty. I've been on meds for it once it was known that I had it.

  • Yes Bonnie. Thank you. I am going to a psychiatrist this week to try and get my medications adjusted to actually start helping me. The last medication I was put on was citalopram which is the generic of celexa. More for depression. It was prescribed by a general doctor. I don't feel it helps me at all with my anxiety. I actually went through my most recent episode that was a big one was globus hystericus. I had not heard of it until it occurred to me. I have gi issues also but I went into a complete panic state for days and then the doctor informed me of what it was. It lasted total about a month. That was definitely an eye opener for fibally trying to get the right help I need.

  • I'm sorry that you went through that. The Drs. avoid using benzodiazepines because they can be (1) addicting and (2) they can cause memory loss after much use. Unfortunately the other drugs used instead of benzos just aren't nearly as effective in stopping anxiety.

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