Severe Depression/Suicidal Thoughts

I've had this problem for years now. Ever since I was young I felt that someone was out to get me. Now that I'm older things are starting to come true. What can I do when someone is cheating on me? I feel worthless, people are agonizing me online for being some type of stalker. I just found the dude of my dreams but he's married. I feel like I've lived a lie. I didn't know soul mates were real until I found him. But all he wants to do is criticize me like the others. I feel as if my back is at a brick wall and everyone's throwing stones at me. He married someone's soul mate. He's using her for shelter. She had two babies during their relationship. She doesn't even love him. He thinks the other's will love him. I contacted him but he wants nothing to do with me. But he wants to sleep around with other girls. Their not even woman in my eyes. Girls. What do I do? Do I move on? Do I remain single so that he knows he has a better option? Do I move on and forget about him? His friends are dumb as hell to me.

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  • Do you hear yourself? You think you've found your soul mate but he doesn't want anything to do with you. So how did you manage to get to know him well enough to know he's your soul mate? And how can you criticize his friends by saying they're dumb as hell and still admire him as your soul mate? Would your soul mate have terribly poor taste in friends and choose to reject you as a friend? You criticize his choice of who to sleep around with. But you wonder whether you should remain single so he knows you're available? Hasn't he already rejected you? Have you forgotten that?

    Yes, you move on. He likes girls, not women. You said so yourself. He doesn't like you. You said that, too. So you move on. You can't stand his friends anyway. He uses people. You don't want to be used by him, do you? You're already being cheated on. Once is enough.

    Now about that paranoia...since you were young you've felt someone was out to get you. Ok, it's time to do something about that. Ask around about a good psychiatrist and make an appointment. Tell the Dr. about that feeling about someone out to get you since you were young. The Dr. will know what to do. I think the feeling will only get worse if you do nothing so please go to an appointment as I recommend. I believe you may be put on a medicine that'll help you get rid of that feeling that someone is out to get you. You may feel better overall, too. You might get recommended to go to counseling for awhile. That's probably a good idea. Take care and best of luck to you.

  • Brilliant reply, spot on. Pam

  • Hello Story, There is only one person out to get you and that would be you. You are making some bad choices. Do you really want a man who would leave his wife and babies? Weather she loves him or not has nothing to do with you , and if he's indicated he wants nothing to do with you then have some pride and stay away from him. You haven't had one good thing to say about him . Set your sights a little higher. Pam

  • Do you really want to be involved with someone who is married and cheats also. Try to put some space between you and him. He is not a decent relationship. Move on.


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