Grateful to not be alone!

Grateful to not be alone!

Hi friends! My name is Lauren and I feel so blessed to have support like this when I may be feeling so alone in this world. The most painful part of mental illness is the stigma that unfortunately comes with it. I have a large family and it is very sad to me that not only do some of them judge me for something they are too ignorant to understand but that they also judge those in similar situations. I am hopeful though, over time, that this is something more people have the desire to learn about and support. Just like cancer, this is a very serious disease that too can be life threatening. I don't know about y'all but trying to explain how I feel and how it affects my life is so difficult. It's almost like if there are no obvious physical impairments, then people are almost unwilling to listen, let alone take you seriously. I share very openly with everyone my struggles and my experiences in life because I am far from ashamed of this disease. In fact, I'm proud because I am a survivor. Each day brings new hardships and heartache, but I refuse, as difficult as it is to give up and be defeated. I pray daily for those suffering from any mental illness and that we all receive some sort of support and respect that we most definitely deserve. Feeling alone and judged is a very scary place to be and with one another's support, I know things will get better! Always in my prayers!

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  • I'm with you! Enjoy each day, follow the Doc's instructions, rejoice in my good health and try to educate people who are prejudiced. I help others in concrete and prayerful ways. Great post! Nice to meet you!


  • Bless you Lauren I think this horrible illness makes us all feel so alone, but just remember you have people here that understand how you feel, and are going through the same as you,if we can all just be there for each other I'm sure it will help a little to know we have support from each other, also I will keep you in my prayers everyday and lets hope someday the government put money into helping people not to suffer anymore, keep in touch take care

  • Lauren, every day is a battle and keep fighting. My goal is to have more good days than bad. Great place to chat with others as you aren't alone.

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