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Depressed but hanging on

Hello! I'm depressed - but not as bad today as yesterday. I'm new here. I have support (but not for depression) and a therapist - I see monthly. I have "complex ptsd" and bdd. A leg issue keeps me medicated which exacerbates my depression. When I feel distant from my family - they can be judgmental, my depression worsens. Getting older has also created fear and more depression. I'd love to find a local group. Thx for listening.

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Don't know where you live. A friend and I started a support group using dbsalliance.org for help. you might try doing that. The executive director told me that it only takes one person to start a group.


Thank you. I'll look into it.


Welcome! For complex ptsd and bdd it seems like you would need to see your counselor more often unless you're thoroughly caught up with any need for counseling? Once a month sounds like a maintenance frequency. That's how often I go because I don't have any problems to talk about too much. Is it the same for you?



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