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Stress making me ill?

Hi, kinda new here. So um recently I've been really stressed with uni work (lots of deadlines coming at me all at once) and I've not been sleeping properly because some of the people in my uni house have been sick (and it kept getting woke up through the night be them being sick). And I'm a little concerned because since yesterday I seem to have lost my appetite (I'm still eating though in case that would bring my appetite back) and this morning I woke up with a sore throat, could those things both be related to my stress or could I have caught whatever my housemates had, I've been good with washing my hands and using anti bacterial hand gel all the time before touching my face or after touching things I think they had touched etc etc.

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My experience is that stress makes everythhing worse!!

I would cut back on as many responsibilities as I can.

I do breathing excercise to help my self.

And meditation. and Qigong.

You can find a lot of help on YouTube.

God bless you jetstar :)


Thank you, I feel better today, I still have a sore throat but it's nothing I can't deal with. I got a full nights sleep for the first night in a week last night, fingers crossed for the same tonight, I've actually been hungry today so I've been munching all the snacks, and I feel like I'm getting somewhere with my assignments :)

God Bless you too 12stargate :) :) x


I am with ya! My baby started Kindergarten this week and I havent been able to sleep, I feel sick all the time, and can barely eat without feeling full. Sorry it is happening to you as well but at least youre not alone.


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