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Tired of feeling like this !

Hello ! I've been dealing with anxiety for 5 years now. I had it for 3 straight years and magically disappeared for 1yr. But now it's back and I feel like it's worse than ever. All of a sudden my vision gets blurry making me feel like I'm in a dream , my left ear goes silent , I feel shakey and that my heart is pounding but it's not. But the worst is when I feel like I can't breath ! My chest starts feeling tight I start yawning consistently, taking deep breath's in, but nothing works. Eventually it all goes away after days leaving me with a bad headache. Soon enough it comes back. I don't know if anyone else has these symptoms.. I've been in and out of the doc they checked my heart , my blood , everything and there is nothing wrong. I even broke down in front of the doctor after telling me I was perfectly healthy because I don't feel healthy I don't feel normal. I just want to feel normal. They gave me xanax but I honestly don't take them and I don't want to take drugs. I just want to be me again and for once stop having these nasty foggy days.

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Xanax may help you on an occasional basis, but PLEASE don't take on a daily basis. Try to find a good therapist who gives you concrete strategies to deal with your anxiety,. Not just plain old talk therapy.

Stay away from Benzos. Believe me I know.


Thank you for replying and yes I don't take them unless I have a panic attack at work.. I've been on the search for a therapist but never seem to find the right one. It's just crazy that our minds do this to us. I get scared going anywhere because I feel like I'm going to drop dead out of no where.


Are you in therapy, I am and it does help.


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