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I need help. What's the point in living like this

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I can never wake up and feel normal. It makes me so sad. It's like day after day of just horrible days. I always feel bad, I never feel happy or energized. I just turned 27 yesterday all though I feel like I'm 60.

I have 2 kids and a husband. I love them so much.. I also love my family, but I can't stand the way I feel everyday. It is ruining my life.

I can't do anything without feeling bad.

My chest always hurts, my heart feels like it's barely beating, I feel weak and tired.

I feel like I could die any day... just suddenly die.

That's terrible to think about, but it's the truth. I've had blood work done, scans and all.... they say everything is okay. But I'm not okay, I'm really not okay.

I have nothing that I'm interested in anymore. I love to clean... I also love to decorate and paint my house etc. I have no energy for that. I still clean but when I start to try to do anything that I might enjoy I get so tired and weak and end up crying bc I hate the way I feel.

This past week or so I have felt like the right side of my neck is swollen. I called my doctor and the nurse put me on allergy medicine. It didn't work. I called her back and she said try eat candling. Didn't work. I told her I'm scared it's my thyroid and she said she doubts it. She said it's probably allergy.

That just makes me feel like she doesn't care. What it is a cancerous spot on my thyroid or lymph nodes? It's like they don't care enough about my sorry life to check it.

Whatever uhh

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I feel like I'm dying too hun

HUGS 💕 (((((((Elizabeth04))))))))



Thank you. I've had Zoloft sitting in my cabinet forever. Went ahead and started it. Something has got to give

I would get your thyroid checked for sure. I have hypothyroidism and when I was first diagnosed I had no energy at all. I take thyroid hormone now and much improved. I also was anemic so I take an iron supplement. What your describing seems like a medical issue. Keep on the doctors to rule out everything.

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I have had so many people tell me that, and every time I research my symptoms online it shows up hypothyroidism.

The last time I was at my doctor I asked him about my weight gain and he said maybe we need to check your thyroid again. I think I had it checked like 2 years ago.

Even though i feek like i call my dr all the time, I will be calling him in the morning for sure


Give it one last shot. Check your health. I hope you feel better soon. I'm sending all my love.

Thank you 💜

Hello, are you doing any better since a year ago?

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Elizabeth04 in reply to Tbine

Going back and reading my post in here is so sad! I can’t believe how bad I was.

I’m doing amazing now! So great!

I started on cymbalta in March and it changed my life around 100%.

I am back to my old self and I’m so very thankful

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Tbine in reply to Elizabeth04

That's so great !! Take the ball and RUN with it ! Don't look back, keep moving forward, and if you ever do have a setback, just pick up that ball again and continue forward. Congrats to you!

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Elizabeth04 in reply to Tbine

Thank you SO much! 💕

That’s amazing- so glad to hear! It’s also nice to get a follow up from someone who has improved!

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