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Tired of being tired


I'm 47 years old and have had difficulty with depression and anxiety since I suffered a traumatic brain injury in 1990. It seems like the older I get, the harder it gets. I've been in a major depressive episode since November. I've tried 2 different meds but it's so frustrating because the one that I'm on now makes me so tired. I have reached out to my doctor to make a change yesterday but haven't heard back. I haven't been able to go to work; don't have the energy to shower or even take my dog out. I just don't know how to get moving anymore and feel paralyzed. My friends and family don't understand and I feel ashamed and embarrassed.

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A...I'm so sorry to hear that Susie. Just know you are never alone. You've got a friend in me :)


isn't it really interesting that i find what you are saying really easy to understand, you have said things really clearly. yet, families and friends can't understand a word we say! mmm... i'm an old cynic, not so sure about this not being able to understand anything stuff. i get it all the time too.

susanjo613 in reply to deborah27

thank you for validating my feelings! It is soooooo good to hear that someone understands. :)

Dear Susanjo I am so amazed that all you are going through yourself you still had time to read and answer my post this just sums up what a kind and caring person you are can I talk to you in private message,I suffer from depression and anxiety and it can and does make you feel isolated I am still in bits over my little fur baby but here if you need a friend. XX

susanjo613 in reply to mydogs

Thank you sweetie! I would love to talk anytime :). I want you to cry and grieve at this time.......you need to do that. :). I have actually gotten myself out of bed and I am able to put off the negativity and keep moving.......I need to try to get to work today. I am still here for you

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