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Baby steps

I'm trying to figure out how I struggle with social situations. I have no friends anymore. I think I have to make myself go out. I went to a na meeting the other day. Today I had to force myself to walk to the drug store and get my flu shot. Every time I decide on a place to go,end up not going. I do my hair,makeup,get dressed. Then don't go. I've never been this bad before. What do I do? Tonight I've planned to go to out. Will I make it? Will I get there,and not turn around and go home? I have to do this. Tired of being so fear based. I'm lonely. Can't isolate anymore.

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Yes! You can and will do it!

It is all part of it. I am super happy that you are challenging yourself to continue on like this!

Even if you get yourself all done up and look like a million bucks and don't leave the house, you made that attempt, which is more than what a lot of people actually do. Kudos to you!

I use to do the same. Petrified to leave my front step. I would get ready and be determined to go out (bank, shopping, appointment). Then sit on my front step and not leave. It was terrifying.

With persistence and practice (which it sounds like you are doing!) It will get better and you will conquer those fears.

Years later (5 now) I still have those fears however I am now able to control them rather than them controlling me. They never really go away, it's all about managing them.

Proud of you. Keep doing what you're doing girl!


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Thanks Laura for the encouragement. I went to my parents for a few! Anxiety the whole time. I wanted to self medicate, but I know that's not the answer.

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Woot! Woot!

You suffered through the anxiety :) Super proud!

Here is something I use to do (really childish but it worked for me).

I use to keep an agenda calendar book. For each day, appt, or positive move forward I made I would put a positive reinforcing sticker on my entry.

So for example, if I went out and made it toy appt, I would a A+ sticker, or if I successfully made it out to pay my rent, I would put a happy Monkey sticker on it.

I know it sounds silly, but it worked (and it was cheap, I bought then from the dollar store).

Practice practice practice

Hugs :)

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