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Slobby weekend!

Never mind Mr Blobby, I've been Mrs Slobby this weekend! Couch potato par excellence! I did get out three times last week though - even if one of those outings was to the cinema (I did walk 4 bus stops to get there!) For the first time in my life I've got myself a little dishwasher, feel really lazy cos I live alone, but the blessed arthritis is attacking my hands now and I can't wash up properly. The man's coming tomorrow to make a place for it in my kitchen, so I won't be going out. So, Tuesday morning it is! I'm planning to go to the coffee shop in the next village that's closed on Mondays - I can smell it already!

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Sounds like a great idea getting a dishwasher, I hate washing up, much prefer to be outdoors than over a sink anyday 😀. It is harder getting out this time of year the weather is so changeable. My arthritis is kicking up a storm right now, it didn’t help having three weeks off exercise just made all my joints so niggly. Enjoy your coffee tomorrow. Rfc x


Thanks Rfc! Hope your joints start cooperating soon, this arthritis malarkey is so debilitating!

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One of my plans is to get fit enough to walk to the next village for a pub lunch... but it is about four miles each way. ¿Are you coming too?

...but there are pubs on two other roads, and I could take the bus one way.

I walked 7km without stopping today, with a height gain of 83m, so I must be getting fitter!


Oh S11m, I'd love to come, but I can't manage 4 miles - my absolute limit is 4000 steps! Let us know when you manage it - you're doing so well I'm sure it won't be long!


That is an excellent goal. Nothing beats a reward at the end of a big walk.


OOh, dishwasher. Nice. Happy walking Kay.


Thanks runswithdogs - hope you're keeping well x


Hi Kay50

Wouldn't be without my dishwasher.

Didnt get out for a Nordic Walk last fri. But i did do quite a few steps walking around our Christmas fair in the town.


I'm sure that by this time next year I'll have forgotten how to wash a cup!lol:) It's so lovely walking around fairs/markets at this time of the year - people just seem to be more light hearted, even in awful weather! You must have had a super time!


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