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First walk in 5 days - bliss!


Well, I've been up half the night with a dodgy stomach so I couldn't walk too far away from home! Ha ha! So I was restricted to walking round the green in front of my home, but it was so good to finally get out. I really enjoyed being out in the sunshine and feeling the blood pumping again. It's not too hot here in the West Country today, so I'm going out again later this afternoon - still just a few times around the green, but hey, it's a walk! I'll try to have a longer walk tomorrow - AND, I've been on the scale today (haven't ventured onto it for about a month) only to find that I've lost another half a stone in the last 6 weeks or so! That makes my total weight loss three and a half stones, chuffed or what? Such a happy day today!

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Brilliant, congratulations ! Isn't it nice to see a bit of sunshine? I can't believe how long the winter dragged on and on. When I'm on a deserted beach in the sunshine with my dog at 5 a.m. I don't mind getting up so early in the morning! The beast from the east's a distant memory now.

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Thanks mdr1000 - oh yes, the sunshine makes such a difference! And on a beach deserted except for one man and his dog it must be magical!

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It is, it's fab. There's occasionally some other people around and they always seem in a good mood to be up and about early in the sun. It's a good way to start the day.

Congratulations Hidden on your great weightloss and getting out on the green. It so lifts the spirits when you're out and walking and taking in the sun.

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Thanks for your kind words Mazzy00! You're right - everyone's so much happier when the sun shines! Even strangers smile and greet you!:)

Congratulations kay50. I admire your ability to do it all so cheerfully

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Thanks suryakaizen - no use complaining, hey!?! I'm just so grateful to still be mobile and have all my senses working. Life is being kind to me!:)

Congratulations on your weight loss, that is a great achievement. I hope your stomach is feeling better today. Take care of you. Rfc x,

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Thanks Rfc - feeling just fine today! I have a date with the coffee shop this afternoon. This is the 8th day without coffee, so it's definitely going to be a brisk walk!

Wow! I just had to look up stones; if my understanding is correct that's 3.5 X 14 pounds? That's great progress, in my book.! I have set the goal in my pedometer at 6,000 steps, after seeing I did 5200 the past couple of days. Have changed my routine walking time to 7Am 3,000 steps, with another scheduled walk in the afternoon, and hopefully building up to 6,000 with housework and errands. My son has promised to accompany me on a 2.5 mile track in a local park when he comes to visit for mother's day--weather permitting.

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Thanks Luvmycats - and your maths is spot on! 6000 steps is a great target - my absolute max is 4500, but then I'm so exhausted I'm totally useless for a few days afterwards! Splitting the distance into manageable chunks is a good idea too - now you've reminded me that I don't have to do all my steps in one go, I'm going to go up from 3500 to 4000. Thanks for that! Enjoy your walk with your son - always good to have company, especially when it also means quality time with family!

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