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Anyone out walking this weekend?

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I planned my long walk for this weekend, I am building up slowly after having the flu. I’m sure flu took hold because I didn’t get my de-stressing walks in over the Christmas period. I just feel better for getting out there and walking off anything that is going over in my mind.

The forecast is terrible so I am hoping it won’t hinder my walk too much, I don’t mind a waterproof coat and hat but I draw the line when it buckets down.

What have you all got planned?

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Hi Rfc - just back from a 2000 step walk. Wasn't up to any further than that, but I plan on going out again tomorrow! You're very determined to have that long walk if you are prepared to brave the weather that's been forecast for the weekend! Please wrap up warm and take care!

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Well done on your 2,000 steps, glad the back seems to be holding up. Looking at it so far, early morning on Sunday is looking like the best weather for keeping dry. Trying to build up ready for my walking half marathon on 4th March. Three weeks behind with the flu ☹️ But I promise I will be sensible and look after myself. Rfc x.

My partner and I are taking turns spending the night at his sisters house looking after her two big dogs as our own little lady doesn't get along with others. So tomorrow I will likely get pulled around the block a few times by their big energetic dogs. It will be a drastic change from our own old lady who is currently only walking up a few houses and back due to her bad knees. On the plus side, if I get tired I might be able to ride them home. I'll try and take a picture of us walking, though they are so energetic I can't promise anything.

Good luck with the walking hope the weather allows it! We plan to meet up (about an hours journey from us) with friends and maybe have a gentle walk ... weather forecast wasn’t too bad last time we looked.

Hope you manage to get some steps in - but I do agree that wet walking isn’t fun... even when wearing a full length puffa coat!


I was planning on a long walk today but it’s sleeting right now. I do have training soon so I will see how cold I am after that! I’m working on the principle that something is better than nothing!

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