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How has your weekend walking been?

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Did you manage to get out this weekend?

Did our canine friends get some nice walks out?

Let's have a weekend catch up.

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Just a little walk for me this weekend. Just a few walks next week and then hopefully another big long walk next Saturday.

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Hi Rfc. Just back from my 3rd 5 minute "speed walk" for the day. It's going well - left knee is a bit twitchy, but still ok to walk on!

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Yes I managed to get out and do the walking I had planned to do.

Yesterday I walked to and from my Welsh Saturday school which is a 3 mile round trip and today I did a 6 mile walk to and from the park, round the park and then back home and I feel great about myself.

On Friday a colleague had told me how I am looking really well which was nice and I thanked her and said how I am feeling really well as well better than I was before.

I'm getting there since I joined the gym/spa and bought a fitness tracker. I was watching tennis today walking up to the television and backwards from the television! Then I danced for 15 minutes, after that I had a busy time in the kitchen and I have reached my 6,000 steps so pleased about that💞💞

Just a couple of short walks but both with their charms. Round a local park in the rain with G off lead. The highlight was seeing a nuthatch.

Today I've been along a local cycle path so again, familiar but I don't usually start from that point and it was late afternoon. Interesting views and nice weather. A bit nippy which was a definite aid to keeping up the pace. Sad to see the way some other dogs were being treated by owners.

Actually a bit annoyed with myself as I realised I could have popped my running shoes on instead and got a run in.

Didn't get out as much as I would have liked. Lots of snow here and cold temperatures, but I did walk outside for a little bit and did a few toodles around the mall while I was waiting for an appointment. Off work this week, with more snow forecast so I'll have to get creative with my walking regime.

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