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What are you up to this weekend?

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Well it looks lovely out there for now. I know we have some rain forecast for later but now my blisters have healed a bit I am hoping to get out and stretch my legs. Hehe 10 weeks to my next half marathon.

I feel like going out and thinking about my Mum while I walk. I think of my Mum often but I miss not seeing her on Mothers Day, so I like to think about her more on days like today. 9 years since I lost her.

Have you been out or planning in going out?

Have a happy healthy week

Rfc x.

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Hope you have a lovely walk today Rfc, and that your blisters behave.😯

I was thinking of my mum this morning too, like yours mine is never far from mind. I lost my mum fifteen years ago... but we have such special memories eh?

Hope you have a fun day with your family.😊x

Thank you, lovely stroll today. It was nice and chilled.

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Mothers are so special. I lost mine when I was 26 - more than 40 years ago and I still miss her! Today I think of the memories we could have made had life been kinder. My kids live quite far away, so I'll only see them at easter, when they can spend a few days with me. On a lighter note, I went for a pensive walk to the coffee shop and had a posh coffee - 3000 steps!

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BluebirdrunnerBronzeDistance in reply to Hidden

Well done Kay...posh coffee earned!😊xx

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Thanks Bluebirdrunner - I hope you have a lovely day too x

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Realfoodieclub in reply to Hidden

Well done Kay, a well earned coffee..

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Thanks Rfc - can't believe that you have become a blister magnet, such bad luck! Good to hear the little dog story had a happy ending x

Just in from a lovely stroll. Hehe managed to pick up one more blister to add to the pack because I am wearing softer shoes. Found a little lost dog in Battersea Park and managed to reunite her with her owner, bless she was so distraught when she couldn’t find her owner and the phone numbers on Her collar were wrong, but luckily it ended happily.

Short little stroll today to pick up lightbulbs and icing sugar to bake a cake for my mom's birthday Monday (mother's day is in May in Canada),. We're starting a major snow melt here so pathways are wet today, but will be slippery tonight.

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BluebirdrunnerBronzeDistance in reply to runswithdogs

Take care on those pavements RWD, and hope you have a great day with your mom on her birthday tomorrow.😊 x

A little surprised to find myself negotiating snow on Mothers' Day. A pleasant little walk dwarfed in impact by the quantities of clotted cream and scones...

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