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Pre Active 10 Reward Badges

We are here to reward you for your walks. This is the post that goes along with the Pre Active 10. Please feel free to ask for your badges as you accomplish them. Only one Badge will show up at a time so as you earn new badges the other ones will be replaced. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you. Realfoodieclub, Kay50 and Runswithdogs.

Out the door. - This badge is for the first time you get out that door and start a walk. We know this can be the hardest, especially for those who are feeling unsure about their first walk, we know how nerve wracking it can be and want you to come home feeling happy and proud you took your first steps and reward you with a badge for doing it.

Round the Block. - We want you to be able to make this whatever you want it to be. It has to be something that you have to work towards but it has to be achievable for you. Don't set this goal too far out of your reach.

I Beat the Hill. - For those starting off or coming back from illness or injury that first hill you conquer is something you need to be rewarded for so we have a badge just for that. The size of the hill doesn't matter the great thing is you did it

The other four badges are:- on the pre active 10 these badges will fit in with your own individual goals.

WalkingWonderBronze - Achieve your daily goal for a week

WalkingWonderSilver - Smash your daily goals for two weeks

WalkingWonderGold - Celebrate three weeks of getting your goals

WalkingWonderPlatinum - Hit your daily goal for a month!

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I can't get outdoors and walk because of the weather so I'm walking around my house for 10 min

in reply to rjoneslaw

Good job rjoneslaw - when the going gets tough, the tough think of alternative ways to keep moving! Your motivation is rock solid - good for you. Let's hope the weather improves soon. I'm stuck indoors too just now, keeping active by playing with the grandchildren! Roll on better weather!

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YorksteressOut the door

I've just done my first Active 10 Wahoo!!! Walked briskly for 23 mins (glad i had my inhaler at hand lol) does this mean i get a badge? 😊

in reply to Yorksteress

Hi there Yorksteress - well done on achieving your 1st Active 10! And yes, you get the "out the door" badge - congratulations! It will appear next to your name in a grey banner every time you post here! Good work!

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YorksteressOut the door in reply to

Yay thank you kay50 x

in reply to Yorksteress

You're very welcome Yorksteress - I look forward to awarding you the next one!

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