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What is active 10?


Active 10 is a Public Health for England initiative to help people to get to thier 150 mins of activity a week. It is all about picking up the pace and getting that body working just a little bit harder. The app goes along with you and records your walk.

Don’t worry if that not for you There are alternatives that we will roll out over the next few days with some great badges for everyone. We are going from just out the door to 50+ km, so everyone will be welcome and the motto of the forum is

“No one gets left behind”

Later today I will be announcing the badges that you can earn as you progress through Active 10

Friday will be the roll out of the pre Active 10 group

Saturday will be the roll out of the post Active 10 group and Sunday will be the roll out of the Walkies group, for all our dog walkers.

So lots going on and something for everyone.

So hello and welcome to you all on this journey that starts with our first step.


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Looks good just got to try and get the app to work on my phone so I know what I have done instead of using my FR10 and obviously will do more once discharged from hospital.

You might be able to help us with this. The app has been known to get a little glitchy at times and we are looking for people to actively use it and report any problems constructively back to public health for England. If you are interested pre or post op getting involved I will message you a link for the comments.

Okay I am going to try the app on Sunday as it seems to work on my wife's Iphone but I have an android which downloaded okay but just won't log any walks. I am going in to hospital on the 28th of December and hopefully won't be in too long so will let you know when I am out.

Interesting.. Think I'll have to get a new phone for the app though.. does anyone carry an 8 inch tablet around for this?

Will be a good way to get slinky going again after her brain op and once her cold lurgy has cleared up..she seems interested for the New Year..

Glad to see slinky got through her op okay hopefully will be the same for me only my tumour is malignant but only 2cm in size

We wish you the very best with your op Mike..

Ah, it would be great to see Slinky out and about. Please post on her progress.

Thankyou RWD..

Slinky has been getting out walking with me and now just starting to go out on her own just down to the shops and back 10 mins there and back now that I know that her thinking and awareness has returned well enough, so more walks are in order, as for her running, probably not until Spring at the earliest, that depends on her next checkup with the specialist in March..

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Sounds like Slinky is making steady progress - good news!


App Downloaded and ready to use Rfc.

This sounds like a great idea to use when out and about to get a bit more exercise in whilst walking...


I tend to work out my walks on a Monday as I work on a Monday to Sunday system. last week I managed 65000 steps, whatever that is in km I haven't a clue.

So far this week I have achieved 59000 steps, thanks in part to 16000 of them yesterday when I managed a lovely long walk. Still two days to go, with luck and a following wind I will achieve another 20000.

Actually the wind and ice is playing havoc with my steps. I am having to do them indoors as it is way too cold, not to mention slippy paths which are dangerous, for me to venture outside some days.

Well done for getting all those steps in. The ice really makes it difficult, if you are in the uk I think we have quite a bit forecast for next week so take care.

rozwaltsBronzeWarrior in reply to Realfoodieclub

I'm in the UK, South Yorkshire is still part of the UK, I think!!! There was a movement afoot some years ago to make us a republic, must have fizzled out since then.

I've checked the forecast and it sounds awful. Cold, wind, snow, the lot. Going to stay in and hibernate, though will try and do my 10000 steps each day. I've failed today though, 8000. I may managed 9000 later this evening, but I'm not banking on it.

I hate winter, wish it would go away. I don't much care for high summer either, especially when the temperatures reach anything higher than 21. No pleasing me is there? ;)

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