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Post Active 10

Reward badges

We are here to reward you for your walks. This is the post that goes along post Active 10 app

Please feel free to ask for your badges as you accomplish them. Only one Badge will show up at a time so as you earn new badges the other ones will be replaced.

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

Realfoodieclub, Kay50 and Runswithdogs.

these badges are all about distance. You can use any of the free running apps on your phone with GPS to record your distance or you can map the distance afterwards on sites like mapmyrun or google maps.

Distance badges



Half Mararthon or 20 km

full Marathon or 40km

50+ km


Achieve your target of 5km every week for a month


Smash your target of 10 km every week for a month


Celebrate 50 km walked over a single month


hit 100km walked in a month.

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Hi, Please can I have my BronzeDistance badge...I have been for four lovely walks of over 5k during February ( we picked nice sunny days)

Thank you.😊x


That looks great! Thank you.x


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