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Week two - Lets walk. Feel free to join.

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Here we are at week two already, how is it going for everyone. Please join in as we share our walking adventures and accomplishments and encourage each other to get our steps in or increase our distances or speed.

On the C25k forum I started a 6 wk quest three years ago and between The admins we keep it going to help keep everyone motivated but working towards their own personal goals.

So I would like to do a similar thing on here for walking. This is going to be 12 weeks plan in total as for some of us we need a bit more time to get back on our feet but it will be very inclusive and doesn't matter what you walking goals are, please feel free to join.

Here are a set of example as to what your goals could be.

1) I want to be able to go for little walks a couple of times a week, not bothered with speed or distance just getting out the door.

2) I want to be able to do 3x 5km walks a week

3) I'm training for a ......... km event.

4) I want go out for .... walks a week to help me destress.

There are so many different combinations and there will be non that are not good goals.

The aim in the 12 weeks plan is to build you up to a walking fitness level that suits yourself and your personal circumstances. The most important thing is to make your goals manageable and not to over extend yourself. It is always better to get to goal and go further than not reach a goal as that demoralises you.

Please add your name below if you would like to take part as we support each other to reach our goals.

















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I was really pleased with my progress last week, I made it to the petrol station. I had promised myself I could buy a treat so I came back with a bag of chocolate mini eggs which I am slowly getting though. It felt great to be able to get to the shops under my own steam, we are still not allowed to drive at the moment so it was a sense of control coming back. Just the thought that if I needed something I can now walk to the shop. It's not that far away but it has taken me three weeks to build up to get there.

MMM mini eggs, they are a vice of mine. I'm glad you're feeling some independence - I just started some short drives again and it's been wonderful for my moods. Do you have a sense of when either of you can get behind the wheel again?

I'd like to sign up to this one please, a bit late. I do the C25K forum Quests and one of my goals there ties in nicely with this forum - 10,000 steps on at least two days a week (or alternatively, on 10 occasions over the Quest period)

It is a challenging goal for me because I spend most of my life tucked up in bed so don't clock up many incidental steps. I did achieve it last week, partly running, partly walking - one of the days was my second highest ever total (since getting my Fitbit)

Welcome onboard, sounds like a great goal. Well done on your second highest level last week.

Hi everyone and good luck with your walking i enjoy cycling and working out at home mostly body toning my aim is to cycle further and do extra workouts at home. Even though i have not joined the walking challenge i like reading every ones comments.

Hi all, how do I join the walking challenge please, :)

Hi there, welcome onboard I have added your name. All you need to do is to think of what sort of goals you would like to set for yourself. Make sure they are manageable and we are all here to support each other to reach them.

Thank you :) I''ll have a think about my goals now..

I haven't had chance to do much walking so far this week , I am going to get a bit extra tomorrow when do I need to add my total to be included in this week results?

You are already included. Some like to add what they have done as the week progress and some like to do a summary of all they have done at th beginning or end of the week. There are no strict rules which ever works for you. We will be here.

Hello Realfoodieclub i am not sure if i am included in the walking club if not i would very much like to join thanks.

Hi there I've added your name, welcome onboard. There will be a new post for week two tomorrow so feel free to post about your week.

Realfoodieclub thank you.

Thank you realfoodieclub, I think I'll do it once a week so I can keep track of any improvements, I seem to be all over at the moment some weeks a lot more than others. is it OK to do miles rather than metric?

Of course it is. I look forward to reading your updates.

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