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Rusty is in disgrace!

Too hot to run but out by 8.30 with canine. Walking through a copse backing onto some rather posh Hove houses when he jumped over a 6 foot fence into a garden in pursuit of a fox. After half an hour pathetically calling him as he darted about a large area of decking under which the fox had sheltered I did the damsel to in distress act. A mich tattooed young man niftilly vaulted the fence, secured the dog and lifted him over to me. Rusty's killer instincts got the better of him. Still managed 12000 steps. Daisy1925

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I had a Red Setter who was regularly doing that when after rabbits.

Good on you Rusty; keep it up as you are just exercising.


What a stressful day for you. I know we used to have a golden retriever that was forever going exploring, if he saw an open gate. He used to worry us to pieces as he liked everyone and would go anywhere with them. Luckily someone always called us and we got him back. Well done on the 12000 steps with all that going on.


He might have been a bit naughty but your dog is gorgeous!


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