Rusty in the Buttercups with Mimi

Rusty in the Buttercups with Mimi

On Tuesdays Rusty and I are joined by a friends cocker spaniel on our walk. It was another glorious day in the South Downs National Park. We mostly walked in the woods and the dogs had two cool down periods in the dew ponds. 27000 steps and 11 miles. I hope others were able to get out and enjoy the pure pleasure of walking in the countryside. Daisy1925

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  • Lovely part of the world - Ditchling Beacon is great for kids, kites etc..

  • Sweet photo, your doing so well with your walking, I can't wait to get back to hiking again.

  • I would find it so hard if I couldn't get out and about. I hope you are able to get out again soon. Daisy1925

  • Lovely seeing the dogs having fun as well. I have eight dogs and have already visited one beach with the lurchers and am now waiting to visit another with my missus with the five little dogs when she gets home from her night shift

  • They look so happy!

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