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Mobile again!

After a bad week or so of not being able to walk more than about 50 yards, my back has finally decided to co-operate again! I managed 1500 steps today, which is REALLY good, for me! I went to my doctor yesterday for a check up and I want to share the results with other members of this group, especially those who, like me, struggle to do 1000 steps, never mind 10 000. Since I have been making a concerted effort to walk daily (about 6 weeks) - which I don't always manage - it was confirmed by the doctor yesterday that it is already having a positive effect on my health! In that time I have lost 5kg and my blood pressure is normal for the first time in yonks! So really, even if at times you can't do much, don't give up - as they say, every little helps.

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Oh Kay50 I am so pleased for you. All these little changes makes a massive difference and are so worth it. I am glad your back has decided to co-operate as well. I was talking to a personal trainer today and both of us were moaning how our arthritis was playing up something chronic last week, she was convinced it was to do with the change In the weather, all I can say is I am really glad it feels better now. Well done on your 1500 steps. 😀.

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That's fantastic news. I think your post is great. We all have our own goals and challenges. It's wonderful to support each other, and great to share stories of all abilities and challenges so that others can learn from people that are getting out there and doing it.

Really well done.

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