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Morning all! Did anyone else watch BBC1 at 8pm last night? I found the statistics on the merits of different kinds of exercising in the "getting fitter" programme so interesting - and they gave me such a boost! As regulars to this forum will know, my maximum walk is 3000 steps (with the help of my trusty sholley!) - I have mobility problems and find it so hard to walk for long distances, it's quite depressing at times. The experiment of comparing the health benefits of a slow 10 000 steps, done over the course of a whole day (which, by the way, they explained was not recommended by doctors originally, but part of an advertising campaign in China - who knew?!?) with three pacey daily walks of 10mins each was an absolute eye-opener to me! Scientifically, the latter came out tops - which gives me hope!! People who can walk long distances, at a good pace, are getting health benefits, but once the steps are done slower those benefits lessen. So, I'm still aiming to do my 3000 steps three times a week just because I enjoy it, but I'm going to give the three fast daily 10 minute walks a go. If I can manage to get my heart rate up and sustain it for 10 minutes, this may be really beneficial for someone like me! I am prepared to have to start with 5mins a day maybe even just once a day, and build up to 10mins three times a day - got to be realistic, and if I can't do 10mins immediately all is not lost! I'll let you know how it goes!

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I found so much in the program that was interesting. Lots of food for thought. It would be really interesting to know your resting heart rate and your walking heart rate. The Active 10 works because it raises your heart rate. You could be getting the benefits from the exercise. Good luck with your little increases, take it nice and steady.

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I will Rfc - I'm also curious to see if everything holds true. Hopefully it will, and being a lab rat may help others who, like me, have mobility/fitness or even time issues. It may take me some weeks to get to the optimum time/speed, but if it works it will move the fitness goalposts so much closer! I'm starting in the morning and will post regular updates!

There’s a good tip in the Dr Chatterjee book about walking to the end of your road and then walking as fast as you can until you need to stop. Then you see what house / shop you’ve got to and try and beat it next time. You’re supposed to repeat it but I guess you could use the principle! Good luck!

Good idea. Little faster spurts mixed with slower spurts is a great way to build up.

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That's such a good way to keep track of your progress - I'm going to adapt it to my walks! There is an oval green in front of my house, and being the scaredy cat I am, always afraid I won't be able to make it back home, I'm going to walk around the green! Hopefully the lap tally will increase! Thanks Onyxonyx!

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Great idea good luck!

I'll have to see if I can track down the show on this side of the pond. Picking up the pace for little bits is a great idea, I'm such a pokey walker, I think that would be a real challenge.

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Hi runswithdogs - it's available on BBC iplayer, but being technologically challenged I have no idea if you can access it via the Internet where you are!

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Sometimes other countries content is blocked. No idea why.

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It's because of the British license fee, I can't get iPlayer in France either, or even watch videos on the BBC news site.

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That's so sad - I can understand why entertainment programmes would be blocked, but stopping people from watching information/educational stuff is mean! Who knows, it may end up on YouTube - one can but hope!

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It's because of the licence fee, BBC World is broadcast in the UK during the night and sometimes at other times, however, when the rest of the world are looking at adverts just before the news on the hour, the people here in the UK are watching an extended weather forecast because there are no advertisements on BBC television in the UK. Sorry about the little news clips not being able to be seen outside the UK.

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That is so sad :-(

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