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Can swollen legs and ankles be a result of a hiatus hernia?


Hi everyone, I’m new to this group but couldn’t find anything relating to a stomach hernia . So just thought I’d ask . I believe I have a hiatus hernia as I get this sharp pain under my ribs whenever I accidentally get in an awkward position, ie lying down, trying to get up out of bath. Or tieing shoelaces, even sneezing can do it. I end up hand over the pain & hold my breath, can feel something underneath pop out. Usually can’t move till pain has gone. I’ve had this 26 years, am on Naproxen which helps enormously with the reflux. My GP examined me lying down but wasn’t convinced. I’ve been down DVT route for leg , negative. Had pelvic scan, also bladder/ kidney scan - negative. Cystoscopy all clear. Left leg Started swelling too.

Any info would help, thanks !!

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It is just possible Naproxen could actually be causing your tummy problems, and the swelling of your legs and ankles. Google Aleve (Naproxen), they are actually the same thing, Aleve is the over-the- counter trade name, and Naproxen is prescription only because it’s the stronger version. Have a look at the various links, particularly side effects, and what to watch out for if taken long term 🙂 xB

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Thanks for replying, I meant to put Omeprazole not Naproxen oops !

I was on both quite a few years ago for joint pain, and then taken off both.

The swelling started about February and I’d been put on Co- codamol for pain for my feet months earlier . Was doing a lot of walking which made flat feet worse , plus 2 Morton’s neuromas in right foot.

I only went back on Omeprazole a few months ago, it’s stopped the reflux .

My right leg & both ankles started swelling after getting up out of bed. Red rash appeared, sometimes stinging other times not.

Now it’s started in left leg, rash is growing higher each day the more I walk.

The right leg seems to be improving, touch wood .

Had a similar leg rash years ago called Golfers Vasculitis, without the edema.

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