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Joint pains all over


I just don’t know what’s happened to me this year! I’ve never had any problems with pains in my joints. I’ve suffered with gout for 30 years and take allopurinol tablets. This year I’ve had 3 periods of it. My blood test said 327 so I’m supposed to take 3 tablets but to be honest there isn’t any difference between 2 and 3. Three months ago I started with pains in my feet and it hurts to put your feet on a hard floor without something on them. My right knee has become painful and I can hardly get up from kneeling down. This week the bone on my left foot (opposite your shin) is weak and hardly supports my weight. To top it off my hands are becoming very stiff and I can hardly open bleach bottles etc. I know gout is connected to arthritis but I really feel I want referring to a rheumatologist to sort things out before things get so bad. It’s hard when you’re trying to be proactive and look after your health in any way you can. I am 64 and have always been active by walking gym diy etc. If anybody has got any help or advice it would be great.

Thank you.

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I would suggest eating anti~inflammatory foods, less sugar, less or no processed foods, NO soda & drink lots of water if you don't already. Lots of veggies & try turmeric for inflammation & pain. Whatever you buy make sure it's got pepper in it to activate the turmeric. What we eat really does matter...I hope you feel better. Also if you're on any meds look at the side affects.

Thanks for the good advice. Never really thought about the food side of it. I don’t drink soda at all but tbh I hardly touch water just coffee with milk. We give our dogs turmeric in their food and my husband puts it in gravy and it makes it nicer. I’ve already started looking into anti inflammatory food to gain a better insight and will look at the side effects of allopurinol. Thanks again

Dairy causes lots of inflammation. And you can use a good Turmeric w/pepper in it for pain, works well & won't cause other problems.

You know I never really thought much about the food aspect of it. I don’t have any fizzy drinks at all but I know I hardly drink water. Lots of coffee with no sugar. No biscuits but a custard tart 1 a week (small one). Funnily enough we give our labs turmeric in their food and my husband puts it in the gravy when we have it. I have a good diet I think but I’m going to look into it in more detail from now on. I’m only on allopurinol for the gout plus I’ve started taking co-codamol to help with pain but don’t really intend to stay on it for too long as I’m not a tablet sort of a person. Thanks for the good advice though as it’s give me something to cling onto👍

Hi, as soon as I read your post I thought.......sugar! I have recently fallen off my low carb (& no sugar) way of eating and bang......almost straight away I started getting joint pains. It’s no coincidence. I agree with what keep the faith won’t go far wrong. Whether what you eat it the reason or not...cutting out, or at least down on all the inflammatory foods will make a big difference to you 👍 good luck in your journey. Mandy

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