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Hysteroscopy and mirena

Morning, sat here going out of my mind researching the mirena coil and getting too many negative results that I don't know what to do.

I've suffered with problematic periods since I started at 10 (Young I know), for years the Drs just kept prescribing the pill until 12 years ago when I was offered the coul but advised that because I'd not had a baby it wouldn't be the most comfortable so I refused.

Last year I went to the dr as bled for 10 weeks, tried tranexamic acid and norithesone to no avail. Was put back on the pill (had been trying for a baby but then split with my ex husband) and a smear was done which came back abnormal do was repeated and again it was pre cancerous.

My GP referred me to the hospital (was living in Germany) for another smear and scan. Scan showed 3 fibroids, 2 small and 1 at 3x2 cm and again precancerous cells. Referred to another specialist for a colposcopy and further smear which came back with precancerous cells again but slow changing. Eventually the bleeding stopped and periods became regular until November.

Again the bleeding lasted 10 weeks (about a year after the first 10 week bleed, pattern perhaps) I went to my new GP and they changed my pill and eventually referred for a new scan. That showed the large one had doubled so was referred to gynae.

Had my appt last month and she was great, I'm now off for my hysteroscopy this Wednesday 🙊🙈 with a biopsy and perhaps the coil. I've been fine and pleased to be getting to this point but now I'm so nervous 😳😳😳😳😳 to top it off I'm bleeding and have been for 2 weeks

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Well you have been through the mill, poor thing. I know nothing about the coil, but I do know that the Internet is not a balanced and reliable source of information! I hope that the coil has a he'd effect for you and if it doesn't make sure that the doctors keep trying. Be good to your self.


Hi there reading your symptoms reminded me of a good book that I've read which I've recommended on here before but I think it might be a good thing for you to read. It's called listening to your hormones by Gillian ford. It goes into a broad range of just about every hormonal problem a woman can have at any point in her life. I got it for Menopause but she goes way beyond that. I'm also wondering whether you would benefit from a quality natural progesterone cream. It might just tip the balance with your hormones but I would do a bit of research into it and they're not all the same quality I'm discovering. Natural progesterone is nowhere near the same thing as the progesterone you get in medication. Also the doctors aren't very generally supportive of it but I found it very good over the years. I didn't have that problem when I was younger but as a menopausal lady I had four heavy periods in a six week period so I can appreciate. I hope that you get things sorted soon and I know I was offered the Mirena but don't feel it was right for me. Keep us posted. PS - I agree with the other lady you really have been through the mill!


I am on my third mirena coil and I would thoroughly recommend one. I bled for two years non stop prior to getting one fitted due to fibroids that were detected after a hysteroscopy .. Since it was fitted I have no bleeding but do get the feelings of coming on at the time of the month .. It has changed my life re; the bleeding. It took six months til I found any change to my symptoms


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