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Prolonged Periods and Fibroid

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i have been diagnosed with fibroid and doctor put me on waiting list for hysteroscopy. My symptoms are getting worse now. Last month my periods was 25 days long then i had 2 weeks off then again stared periods and not stopping. I actually have heavy bleeding than usual.

At first, doctor prescribed me mefenamic acid but it doesn’t work then prescribed me tranexamix acid and it doesn’t work as well and now prescribed me Norethisterone 5 mg thrice a day to stop the bleeding.

But this mini pill is not working properly because i still have dark brown discharge.

Doctor always said that it’s normal and just wait for it to go away but I’m literally fedup now because unable to survive more!

No idea whats going on with me. Really drained now and need some help n guidance

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Have you talked about a possible surgery? I have had surgery and my period is lighter and fewer days with no medication.

I’m still waiting for surgery

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so exhausted now

Get some rest and relax. I will be back in the morning if you want to talk.😀

Thanks loads🙂

Anytime!😀👍 Good night!

Goodnight 😌

25 days long??? That’s just ridiculous, and if the medication you’ve tried is obviously not doing much good, the doctors need to try more. I don’t know if you’re in the UK, but I am, and have been diagnosed with a large fibroid too. I’ve had ultrasound scans, hysterscopy and am waiting for results from my MRI scan. I wanted the endometrial ablation but was told my womb is too big, I’ve also tried all the medication like yourself, to no avail, I even had the Mirena coil, but that too didn’t work. I’m gonna go down the hysterectomy route, I’ve had my family plus I’m too old for more kids. Don’t know what else to say to you, but good luck 😉 with everything and keep us posted, and look after yourself 😀

Hi Sarah

I've gone through exactly the same thing down to the medication you've been prescribed! I paid for a private consult and transvaginal scan, the gynae recommended hysteroscopy and mirena coil (which I am not willing to go for as I don't think it'll work). He found a 2cm fibroid. The mini pill isn't working for me either and I literally just want to stop it. I've been bleeding every day since 11th January. Plus I've had my periods which have been heavier than usual, literally bleeding through super plus tampon, pad, underwear and jeans within an hour.

I don't know what to do next ....

I am sorry you are going through this. Your post sounds like it's been written by me, last year. I went on like this for over a year, with the bleeding getting worse and worse. Had 2 hysteroscopies but they couldn't remove my fibroid so waiting for a hysterectomy now as I have truly had enough.

I absolutely hate it when doctors say it's normal. A female GP told me once it was normal and I should wait it out but that's just wrong. I was flooding every 10 mins and just couldn't be away from a toilet on days like this. I am a teacher so it was impossible to do my job. It also made me very anaemic and I had to be rushed to A&E twice. The second time they moved my consultant appointment forward and he agreed to do a hysterectomy. I am now waiting for this and have started treatment with zoladex which puts you in a temporary menopause. It's been brilliant as I haven't bled for over a month!

I really hope you get it sorted. Keep going back and tell them you can't live like this. How is your iron?

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Csn you tell me if the zoldex carried on working for you

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Yes, it worked, I had 5 and never bled. Had a hysterectomy exactly a year ago and it was such a relief. I was really scared but it was the best decision ever x

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Thanks for sharing. Im bleeding, been taking transexamic acid and have just stabilised mt Aneamia but 🆚 take iron tablets due to stomach ulcer. Feeling very tired and anxious now. I was due to see gynaecology but it was cancelled due to covid. Ive woke up with pins and needles in my left leg, too scared to take the transexamic today ( day 5). I'll ask my GP about zoldex on Monday. Thank you.

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It was the consultant who put me on zoladex once the decision was made for a hysterectomy. You can't stay on it for too long.

If the bleeding gets out of control or you are worried, call 111.

Both A&E staff and consultant said that I could take TA for longer than 5 days especially if I take it maybe once a day when I had a bad bleed. I did that with no ill effects as I was haemorrhaging daily but best to seek advice. Hope you get it sorted. Also, I have read about people taking different forms of iron, might be worth looking into xx

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Thank you for your guidance, really appreciate it. X

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No worries, I know what it's like. Hope you get it sorted and don't be afraid to call gp or 111 if it gets too bad xx

Hi sarahkhan I can relate to you on that I have fibroids and have been prescribed same meds to you except for Norethisterone 5 mg.

I have been up and down with GP. I am going for another appointment next week to see what they can do.

I bleed for more than a month one time however now it's on and off which is so uncomfortable annoying.

I hope there is something that can help it to go away.

I've been bleeding nonstop since December 2020 but I had my two covid vaccinations and booster after that so it's not the jabs. The specialist removed several non malignant fibroids. I'm still bleeding and I still have fluid filled fallopian tubes regardless of the extremely two strong antibiotics. I'm so distraught because I'm still bleeding. Before this I was very regular. Everytime I call my gp they ignore me. Everytime I call my specialist they keep telling me I need to wait two months because of the backlog. I'm so week from the bleeding but this is absolutely unprofessional. I'm so angry as well as depressed. I feel like I'm going through perimenopause Eve though I've had no clue from the so called doctors. I'm hot then cold. I have so much brain fog at work. It's embarrassing. I know my body. I know they are wrong. Anyone have experience with this

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