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Peri menopause and the Marina coil

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Hi, I'm 42 and have had the marina coil fitted for just over 5 years its my second coil in that time after the first one moved down into my cervix causing problems. The coil was recommended by my GP as I was experiencing extremely heavy periods which were affecting my everyday life. My periods successfully stopped after having the coil fitted thankfully. My concern now is that I've been having pretty much every peri menopause symptom but I'm unsure how far into it I am due to not having periods. My night sweats started at the age of 30 so 12 years ago and they would come and go. I now have all the symptoms the main problematic ones are cold night sweats, itching, loss of sex drive, palpitations, hair thinning, weight gain and the occasional crazy mood swings, achy joints, muscle cramps, sore boobs similar to the feeling you get when you're pregnant. I have discussed this with my nurse who tbh just sat and nodded and passed tissues as I cried. She said that the symptoms could also signal other things such as thyroid. I have been tested for thyroid and hormone checked at least 5 times over the last 12 years but not over the last couple of years.

Is anyone here in a similar situation? I don't know if it's even worth a visit to the doctor. I don't want to be filled with drugs that will make me gain more weight as I've gained 2 1/2 stone in the last 18 months.

I feel like I'm loosing all my femininity 😢 feel lost and unsure of what to do next.

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Hello MrsHaz

This sounds so much like my symptoms, it's awful. I had a blood test and it confirmed I was peri menopausal. I did a lot of research and have settled on Menopace, exercise, decaf tea and less alcohol. A weekly beauty treatment for nails and feet really help me feel more feminine. Sometimes I do this myself, and sometimes I treat myself at a salon.

Good luck, and I hope you find a way that helps you rather than using drugs.

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Hello Lisa0604

Thank you for your reply. I have been trying to get an appointment at the doctors but this is proving difficult as they're so busy. Hopefully I'll get an appointment soon and get some answers 😢 Xx

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My doctor wasn't very helpful after the blood test, I went to my local chemist who was very helpful and showed me all the alternative medicines. I have some friends in another county who attend a menopause clinic. We don't have them in my area, but you may have near you.

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I'm wondering if it's even worth a visit to my doctor or not tbh.

Do you purchase Menopace over the counter, not prescribed? Are they helping you? X

I buy mine from Boots over the counter (assumption that you're in the uk). It's worth going to the doctor as yours may be a very different experience, just don't discount other solutions. It does seem to work for me, but I have also made some lifestyle choices (less food and healthier, less stressful job, less alcohol, more exercise etc) so some may say that makes more difference than tablets.

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