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newbie here

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Atthepark2022 July

cureent weight 216 I would like to weigh 150 or 165 . A little goal is to lose a poun a week or at least maintain my weight now and plateau and slowly lose weight . I want to keep losing 1or 2 pounds a week with work it's stress full and hard to eat healthy when we don't get a designated break for 10 or 12 hours and all u feel like doing is dri king pop and eating potato chips and cookies

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Hi again, Atthepark :)

If you have time/space to eat crisps, cookies and pop, then you could probably manage to consume food that you'd prepared at home, which would be a lot healthier.

Here are some ideas for you and there are many more in the recipe section of Topics

I would also encourage you to check out our Daily Diary, where members share their food plans, recipes and tips.

Have fun! :)

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Atthepark2022 July in reply to moreless

Yes alot of times like now I don't feel like eating I brought a salad and oats

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Atthepark

Eat when you're hungry, don't snack mindlessly. It's hard to do, but after a while it becomes second nature :)

Hi Atthepark! You mentioning oats has reminded me to add them to my shopping order for tomorrow so I can make more overnight oats for breakfast! So firstly thankyou for that 🙂

Your goals sound really good and realistically achievable! And now you've identified pop, chips and cookies as a downfall you can do something about it which is great!

Good luck reaching your targets and hopefully we'll see you joining in on the daily diary and weekly weigh in like moreless suggested 👍

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Wine3st 7lbs


Agree with what everyone has said. You know what you are doing and you have this forum to give you support.

See you next week in the weigh in. Hope you don't eat any crisps or pop or if you do not as much as before.


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