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Weigh-in Saturday for me

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Well, did my weekly weigh-in today have yet to start my Med diet or quitting smoking and getting rid of sugar out of my diet. I will begin officially on 1 May as of so far 3 hours up and no smoking (using Chantix). Bout a ton of seafood but that which is approved by a Mediterranean diet, trying my best to change all of this at once to be Liver transplant ready by November or December. I suffer from Biliary cirrhosis which means my bile glands are sending t-cells (killer cells) throughout my body. I Will need a lot of support through all this change in return I hope to provide valuable advice as to the stumbles and falls and how to avoid them.

6 Replies
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If you'd like to join the Saturday weigh in, you'll find it third on this list of Pinned Posts healthunlocked.com/weight-l... Don't click on Write, Reply to the host, Gizmocat

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Hi utep99, well done for quitting smoking! If you need any advice I can recommend joining Quit Support.


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Best of luck utep99. For me, it was the accountability of having my carbon monoxide levels measured that kept me on track. Did they offer you that when you went on Chantix?

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Hi. Do come and join the Saturday superstars weigh in. It sounds like you have had a tough time. Good for you for wanting to be as healthy as possible. Just pop in and post your current weight. You will get lots of support there. We are a friendly and supportive group. Hope to see you there.

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Hi utep99 nd welcome 👍

Sounds like you have an amazing plan to get yourself ready for surgery and sometimes going big bang is the only way forward.

I quit smoking over 30 years ago before there were all these products to help with cravings and can still remember going through it. So can possibly help with advice if required.

I pretty much gave up sugar, at least added sugar, last year and haven't looked back.

I haven't tried a true med diet but I know it is healthy way to eat.

All the best, please do join in and here's to a new healthy liver and a new healthy you 😀

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Good luck - you can do this!

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