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Saturday weigh in


Hi everyone :-)

What a week it has been. I got off to a cracking start with the exercise, running and walking and introduced some strength exercises this week which I am pleased with, but didn't do much on Thurs or Friday as I felt a little down due to the fact that my mum wasn't feeling well and my marriage certificate and driving licence has been lost/stolen. I sent these off 1st class recorded to the DVLA, but they never arrived so there gone and I've only just got one of them. Even if they were lost both documents have my address on and they haven't found there way back to me so I will assume my ID has been stolen.

Anyway little rant over :-) on the bright side this week I have maintained my weight and weigh 10 stone 12 pounds :-) I am pleased with this result, however I would like to see a drop on those scales moving forward and my plan is to be 10 st 7 lbs by April 2nd which is 4 weeks away from today. That's a 5 lb drop in 4 weeks and I believe I can do it. I must ensure I watch my carb intake as I do love carbs and continue to plan every single day in advance and just watch those extra treats I've been having between meals.

Now I have put my goal out there to reach by 02/04/2016 I know I will have your support and encouragement to see this through :-) I promise myself that I will do my best and give this my all without over doing things and stay focused on reaching this goal.

For anyone who doesn't know me Trafford1 :-) I started this journey at 17 stone 2 pounds. I am currently weighing 10 stone 12 pounds and couldn't be happier with where this journey has taken me and it's thanks to this community and all of the support and my self belief which has got me to where I am today. Remember this is a change for life. Stay focused remain determined and your journey will take you places you thought were not possible, but let me just remind you "anything is possible" :-) :-)

Wishing everyone a successful journey and a great week ahead and let's hope the weather perks up for us all :-)

Trafford1 x

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What a pain about the missing documents. I hope the post office investigate, because if they were sent recorded delivery, then someone within the postal service has stolen them :(

I think you will succeed on losing the weight by the 2nd April - good luck (and I hope your mum is better)!

trafford1 in reply to LessToLose

Thank you LTL :-) It is a real pain losing those docs and I will be making a complaint. I feel in my heart and mind that I have the strength to succeed in achieving this new goal I have set for myself and believe that 4 weeks is definitely enough time to lose those 5 lbs so here we go my own challenge to myself has been set :-) Thank you for the well wishes for my mum :-)


Passport office lost my original birth certificate, the actual one my dad had been given the week after I was born 😞 A copy just isn't the same 😞 Hope they turn up for you Trafford 😕

Good luck with your plan, you have shown us all what can be done! You're an inspiration ❤️

Thank you Anna61 :-) a copy isn't the same is it. It's such a shame they are gone now.

I am on a mission now to reach this new goal and remain positive that I can and will achieve it by April thank you for your support hun x

Trafford 1 :-)

My birth certificate also went missing when I applied for my first passport at 18. I raised a complaint with both the post office, which did a checking service before sending it off, and the passport office. It turned out the post office sent two applications in the same envelope. When the passport office received the envelope they took out one application and threw the other away. The person who did that must have been an enormous jobsworth. It doesn't surprise me to hear it's happened to others too :(

sueper5 stone

Great post Traff apart from the ID issue. Have you tried the post office? Sometimes it can take weeks for letters to be returned to you (get a lot of it in work).

I wish I had your motivation for exercise but walking is still all I can be bothered with. Your continued dedication has got you where you are :)

Keep up the good work - I know you will :D

trafford1 in reply to sueper

Thank you sueper :-) I would say for sure they have gone cause my husband posted a document to the dvla the same day I did and his arrived in Swansea and mine didn't so somethings not right hun.

Walking is such a great exercise and has helped me on my journey no end. I walk all the time and you get a great calorie burn from it. You keep doing what your doing sueper :-) your doing great and you've already seen great results from it :-)

I will keep going on my journey and I look forward to seeing that scale going down very soon.

Thank you for your support hun x Traff x

Hi Mrs T,

So sorry to hear your marriage lines have been lost, awful, hope they turn up as Sueper said the turn around can take take a while, fingers crossed.

I've not doubt you will reach your next target😃, as you know I feel too many carbs have hindered me in the last week so last night did a weeks plan !!! I'm going to shift these Ibs !!😜. I do think I've been having too many carb based snacks so this week a bit change and we'll see🤔

Have a lovely weekend.


trafford1 in reply to flossie358

Thank you flossie :-) a few tweeks is all that's needed to get us well on our way to dropping those lbs with a little less carbs. I will keep checking my proof of postage, but not very hopeful as this was one of two letters sent on the same day to the dvla only mine had my driving licence inside which could be felt so a bit doggy in my eyes.

I wish you a great and successful week floss and hope we both manage to work on carb in take this coming week. Thank you as always for your support :-)

Mrs T x

Hi Mrs T,

What a beautiful photograph - I love the composition with the gorgeous flowers, the music, and your lovely self - a very beautiful slim Bride in a really pretty Wedding dress. Glad you shared that picture with us, it is really great!

I know you've had the disappointment of the fact your Marriage Certificate and driving licence are mislaid/potentially stolen, but it is still possible they could be returned - these things can take time, and once you ask the Post office to investigate, hopefully they can locate them. The important thing is that they can't erase the memories of your Wedding and the driving licence is replaceable. I know a copy of your Wedding Certificate won't be the same of course. But maybe the original will turn up. I like to believe in Karma, and I hope that it finds its way back to you.

I am sorry to hear that your Mum wasn't feeling very well, and I do hope she is feeling a bit better now.

Congratulations on maintaining your weight this week Mrs T, that is really great. I know you were hoping for a loss, but sometimes those scales are fickle, and I think a maintain is always better than a gain, so well done. Afterall you're effectively maintaining a total loss of 6 stone 4 pounds, and that is an incredible achievement!!!

Your plan to lose 5 pounds in 4 weeks sounds achievable, and I have every faith in you that you'll do that. You are a determined woman, and you are amazing.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, and I hope the sun shines and you're able to enjoy some nice things - catch up with you soon.

Lowcal :-) xx

Aww how lovey Lowcal you having given me hope now so I will think more positively about the return of my belongings and try not to dwell on the fact that they have not arrived to there destination. Thank you for your lovely comments about the photo I have attached which I thought I would fit in nicely with my Sat post and share another photo with you all today :-) I'm glad you like it hun :-)

My mum is feeling a little better today which I am glad about as it's mothers day tomorrow and we are planning on going out, but only if she is well enough to do so.

I am pleased with today's results on the scale, as you say a maintain is always better than a gain and well worth celebrating :-) I have had some cravings for carbs a little more than normal and I have eaten more of them this week and even enjoyed some very tasty cakes, one of which was made for us by my husbands auntie and one extra special chocolate cake which was very delicious :-) it's allowed ;-)

I have my full attention on the next 4 weeks as it would really mean a lot to me to achieve this next goal I have set. I know it won't be an easy one to achieve as I have been maintaining for quite some time now despite that large gain and large loss from previous weeks, but I think it's time to shake things up and get the bike out of the shed and start using it again and hope the weather remains dry.

I'm so happy to have your support Lowcal and I thank you for that :-) wishing you a great weekend and we certainly will catch up real soon x

Oh and thank you for turning this negative with the postal service into a positive. I also like to believe in Karma, I just needed reminding of it.

Mrs T x :-)

Hi Trafford1, sorry to hear the bad luck you've had this week! You always think when you pay for recorded delivery that your documents are going to be safe don't you! Because that's what you've payed for! I do hope they turn up for you, don't give up hope yet!

Great that you've maintained this week and there's no doubt in my mind that you'll hit the target you've set for April 2nd!

Your an inspiration to all of us, how well you've done with your weight loss, and reading about your journey! I'm trying to instill in myself the same self belief and joining the forum and having the support of you lovely people has helped me so....... much!

Thanks for posting the lovely wedding photo, and I hope your mum is well enough to have a lovely Mother's Day out with you tomorrow! 💐😊😘

Aww thank you Jesterpuss1 :-) I will be keeping an eye on the tracking number still and not give up hope :-)

It's nice to hear that you have read about my journey here on the forum. It's been a long journey for me as I had a lot to lose, but every week I have been on here and on my journey I have grown stronger both mentally and physically and it's been a god send :-) I love the support of this community and it has helped me so.....much too :-)

The longer you stick with all the changes you make the easier it becomes to instill that self belief that you can and you will make a change and realize that you are in control of your future. It didn't take me long as I sat in front of the mirror and told myself every day that I can do it and I did it :-)

Best wishes with many successes on your journey hun and thank you for your support on my continued journey and for your lovely comments :-)

Trafford1 x

Thanks for your kind words Trafford1, if I can be half as successful as you I will be happy! Hope you've had a lovely Mother's Day with your family! And have a better week this week! Best wishes Jesterpuss x

Thank you Jesterpuss1 :-) I did have a lovely Mother's day and things are looking up this week and couldn't be happier hun :-) :-) I just rang the DVLA to check on those docs as the doc's still hadn't been signed for and guess what they have ARRIVED YEAYA :-) WOOP WOOP :-) over the moon...... arrr sy of relief.

Actually feels better than weight loss at the moment knowing I'm going to get them back :-)

Wow brilliant news Trafford1, I'm really relieved for you! 😊 it must feel like a weights been lifted off your shoulders! Glad you had a lovely Mother's day! And hope your mum's ok! 😊

Aww thank you hun :-) well pleased and yes a big weight has been lifted :-) mum is doing good as well thank you x

Hi T1! I think a maintain considering you lost 10lbs last week is amazing! So many people get a maintain or even a gain after a big loss. It's really nothing to panic about, it's just your body consolidating the work you've already done. I'm pleased to hear you've restarted your strength this week. I've also restarted my strength at a fairly low level to ease myself in, and will be increasing it this week.

You look brilliant in this new photo from your wedding day. We can see the determination, from knowing you on here, but there is also a beautiful glowing bride there, just looking perfect :)

Regarding losing your docs - royal mail will at the very least have to compensate you. I would also consider reporting this to the police, to put your mind at rest in case it could be identity theft. I really hope it isn't though, I also think there could be some kind of explanation, so it's worth getting them to investigate. Best of luck, and have a great week :)

Thank you Ruth as always for your support and lovely comments about the new wedding photo :-)

I did have a big loss last week so my body will need time to adjust and get back into the swing of things. A maintain this week for me is fine as I am still in the 10's :-) :-) anything with a 10 in front of it is a blessing right now and I still remain determined as ever to reach my new goal and this week me and my husband have a lot planned in terms of exercise and strength training and I think as well as planning meals this week I must have a set plan to fit in everything else around work. I would love to go riding this week as the evening are staying lighter for longer so I will get the bikes out of the shed and I have a 100 k's in mind as a target number to reach if the weather holds up :-) the 100 k's would consist of running, biking and walking which I have done before and I think this week would be perfect for that, whilst making sure I don't over do it and get plenty of rest in between.

I will be making a complaint re the lost/stolen docs and reporting this to the police is also a good idea which I didn't even think of.

Thank you Ruth and have a lovely week hun :-)

T1 x


Hi T1, I missed your post again! I deserve to be shot! :o

Happily though, I see that the missing document nightmare is all sorted now! Phew! What a relief! :)

That's a gorgeous picture. What a stunning bride you were! You're an old married woman now though! ;)

I see you getting your determined head on now and can see a big push coming! You're so close now, you can taste it, smell it, feel it. It's yours for the taking :)

I know you're not going to let yourself, or your happy band of followers down. You're our fantastic trailblazer leading the way to our new happy, healthy, superfit lives. We're walking in your footsteps T1, show us how to do it. Remember, "We can, we will!"

I've got my pom poms out and I shall be shaking them wildly. I'll even put the skimpy outfit on, to give you a laugh ;)

You've lost 6st 4lbs - 5lbs is a drop in the ocean! You can do this, my little personal trainer and we can cheer you on.

Onwards and downwards!

trafford1 in reply to moreless

Hi moreless and thank you for this wonderful message which I have just read today. I missed this last week as I didn't get the notification or missed it some how, anyway I am so glad I found it and it couldn't have come at a better time for me on my journey with the ups and downs I have had so thank you so much moreless :-) it's such an encouraging reply and fills me with motivation for this coming week where I plan on breaking back into the 10's again and on to be victorious at my next weigh in. I for one am never planning on going back so from this day forward I am going onwards and downwards!

I look forward to you wearing your skimpy out whilst shaking your pom poms hun :-) :-)

Thank you soooo much and thank you for your continued support moreless x

T1 :-)

morelessAdministrator in reply to trafford1

Please don't worry about it T1, quite often things go past me, without me noticing, as your post did originally :)

I'm so glad I was able to motivate you and get you back on the road to the 10's. I know you can do it and you know it too. Victory will be yours!

I'm shaking my pom poms and I'm even wearing my frilly drawers under the skimpy outfit! ;)

Go Trafford, rah, rah, rah!! :)

Hi.all! I started off last saturday at 110 kg and yday i weighed 107 kg!!

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