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Is it normal to bleed on norethisterone


Hi ladies so I've been on more for some time now and I've been getting breakthrough bleeding with it last month I bleed from the 5th to the 20th march then it stopped but now its restarted again should I just stop taking norethisterone if this is the case to the bleeding

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I am on this too as I also have PCOS and my doctor placed me on this as my period wouldn’t stop. To my knowledge, when you stop taking them, you get a period. What I’m unsure of, is how long.

Hi dear I also have this problem almost 4 years no body tell me what can I do

LoneWolf91 in reply to Cowb

I've been on it straight for 6 months now but I had bleeding last month lasted 30 days even though i was still taking the norethisterone and now its acting up again but different this time like it's coming and going ita annoying me and I'm still on norethisterone i got no idea why it's doing it too me dr said cause the uterus lining is to thick and sometimes it can collapse on itself and cause breakthrough bleeding like the normal contraceptive pill which is so stupid tbh its begining to annoy me to say the least

20 days sorry

20 days of spotting nothing majorly heavy though which was so stupid wasting pads after pads on it

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