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Bleeding for 4 days.


I am a bit worried. I have had very light vaginal bleeding for approximately 4 days. My period came on the 10th of this month and stopped on the 14th so it is not that plus my periods are heavy and the bleeding I am getting now does not require pads as it is so light almost like spotting.

It didn't worry me too much as I have gotten this once or twice either before my period or just on one random day not 4 non-stop.

It has been 4 days and it is the same level of bleeding I just don't know what is wrong. I am not in any pain.

I just want to know if any one has had this or if this is normal for pcos? Again I am not in any pain I am just nervous as to why this is happening. Any advice or experience will help. Thank you!

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Hi this is common I have had this before gp just said it’s because pcos messes so much with hormones can cause irregular bleeding i wouldn’t worry too much but if you want professional advice to set you at ease then it wouldn’t hurt to contact gp

Misg in reply to Rjt7

Thank you it stopped after 6 days thank goodness. I put off going to the GP cause I wanted to see if anything new would come along with the bleeding. Thank you for your message.

This is normal with pcos. Some people get it for weeks or months at a time, I do. It can also happen in the middle of a cycle when your body is trying to ovulate. Try not to worry but the gp could put your mind at rest.

Misg in reply to Lulup19

Thank you so much. I was a little worried as it had not gone on for that long. It has stopped now. PCOS can be such a struggle. Again thank you.

Could also be ovulation spotting (give it a google) if this is around the midpoint of your cycle.

Misg in reply to everyrose

Hello, it was around the midpoint of my cycle so it might have been this. I will Google this thank you so much for your message.

One of my symptoms of pcos is irregular bleeding that was very light and did not

require a pad. Sometimes it would go on for months on end. Initially when I went to the GP they thought it may have been uterine polyps or fibroids. However, the transvaginal ultrasound showed that my ovaries were polycystic.

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