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I've just had enough! My pain is to much and it's taking over my life. Is this normal for PCOS?


Hello everyone,

Sorry it's a rant but my pain is so bad! I was diagnosed with PCOS about 3 years ago now. Within that time I lost my last job and it destroyed my last relationship because of all the symptoms. It's all just getting to much and I'm currently taking so many days off work atm because I'm in so much pain!

The pain I get is sharp stabbing pains in my tummy along with back, hips and leg pain. It's also so painful having sex I no longer have it anymore because I'm in so much pain during and a couple of days after I just can't face having it anymore.

I have had a laparoscopy to look for endometriosis but they didn't find any, but what they did find was my ovary stuck in the wrong place. Can PCOS cause ovaries get stuck? They did move the ovary back and I was told this might be the cause of the pain but to be honest it's no different.

I have no idea what to do next and how to manage the pain and other symptoms I'm just at a loss. I'm on the pill which is a massive help along with pain killers. But is there anything els that can be done? I've just had enough with my life being controlled by pain and I've just had enough of it all.

If anyone has any idea on how to manage this or what to do next and why it's so painful? I would much appreciate it. Xxx

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Pain generally is not a symptom of pcos but is for endo, I would go back to your GP and ask to be referred to a gynae to re look at the ovary being in the wrong place, as it may not be quite in the right place now. Don't put up with the pain, keep pestering, you don't want to be on medication constantly and pain is hideous to live with so not surprised you are feeling so low.

Was it the combined pill you are on? If so take 3 months on the trot as this will help the pcos symptoms further.

Suzileverell in reply to Hols969

Thank you for your reply, That's interesting you say that. Because I don't really think my Dr knows what els to blame the pain on. I am on the combined pill and have just started to taking it for 3 months in one go and it has been helping alot. I don't know where I would be without the pill. Xx

Hols969 in reply to Suzileverell

I know they seem to blame everything on PCOS as it is the easiest thing to do but some things do not relate to it !!

My heart goes to you, that sounds really bad.

I am no dr, but could you have something like sciatica?

I get it front time to time that hurts my hips and legs, it's a really annoying pain.

Has your doctor said anything about your back? That can make your legs hurt.

Thank! X

Yeah that would make sense because I used to work with horses and so I did alot of lifting so it was a strain on my back. I have been to see different physio therapist which have helped a little. But at the same time I'm still getting pain that feels different. The pain is also much worse while I'm on my period. It's so hard to know what the problem 🙈. That is interesting as it does sound like sciatica. Can periods affect it as well? Xx

I don't know to be honest, but both together wouldn't be good, I have been quite lucky with period pain but I have seen friends bent over and in tears with it. One of them did have endometriosis.


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