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PCOS and going private, is it worth it?

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I've got PCOS I've been feeling unwell for the last few months and now had abnormal bleeding and pain for the past few weeks(which Ive never experienced previously), my gp doesn't seem very helpful and the hospital are telling my 5months before I can see a consultant I've been to A&E and currently waiting for a scan which seems to be taking forever, my blood results seem fine... is it worth getting health insurance and going private??

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Hi Sophiaj sorry I don't have any experience of going private but just wanted to flag getting health insurance at this stage won't necessarily cover the costs of going private as you may need to declare it as an existing issue and they may exclude it as a pre existing condition but I don't know for sure if they would if you have symptoms but no diagnosis yet. It may be worth finding out ASAP if that's the case as if you are considering getting health insurance and they would cover it before official diagnosis then I'd get it before you get any NHS results so you keep your option open.

I hope you've gotten some info back from a&e now though as its been 4 days. Hope you're OK x

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Sophiaj in reply to Emelisa

Thank you for a reply I did speak with an insurance company and no they won't cover me, still waiting for a scan, still feeling unwell and still bleeding been 3 weeks now... I really haven't got anywhere and don't think I'm going to anytime soon

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Carly93 in reply to Sophiaj

Hey , doctors should be checking your bloods for pituitary gland hormones , Fsh and LH , oestrogen , blood sugar ,testosterone, dha and dhea levels

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Sophiaj in reply to Carly93

Thank you so much I've got a gp appointment Monday ill be sure to tell themx

Hi Sophiaj, sorry you haven't been well. I paid to see a consultant privately as a one off appointment and that helped me in the meantime while I was awaiting an NHS appt. It was about £200 but I thought worth it and probs cheaper than any insurance. I also researched the endocrinology consultant at my local hospital, and she was the one I paid to see privately. So when my NHS appt happens, she'll already know me. Could be worth looking into! Not sure from what you've said whether it will be endocrinology for you or gynecology so maybe check with your GP. Many NHS consultants also have private clinics. Best of luck.

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Sophiaj in reply to VEA88

Thank you definitely something I'm going to do abit more research into now, still sitting around waiting

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