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Advice on PCOS Books to purchase


Hi, now that my daughter has been diagnosed with PCOS are there any books that people would recommend (especially ones with good diet/recipe advice). Not sure if questions like this are allowed Incase it’s supporting a form of advertising but if it is then any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I don't know about books but when I got my diagnosis my doctor printed off some sheets to do with diagnosis. I personally follow the slimming world diet helps but know other suggest a low go diet. I personally lost 4 and half stone on slimming world plus you get all the support for healthy eating and weight management. I think it depends on what complaints your daughter has as pcos is a mixed bag can cause body hair, hair lose, weight gain, pain, insulin resistance, if heavy bleeding can cause a drop in iron the list is endless and I personally don't want to frighten you. If you have any questions your always welcome to ask here look at your daughters symptoms and go from there. I hope this helps there are no silly questions on here and we probably know what your on about I hope your daughters pcos can be managed with as little discomfort as possible 😊

Low gi diet bluming auto correct 😊

walfoh in reply to Fireflygem

Thanks for replying. I mentioned Slimming World to my daughter and got a frosty response. I don’t know if this is true but a friend of hers was a member and hated being weighed in front of the others each week. She put my daughter off. Is this actually what they do ?

Fireflygem in reply to walfoh

You get weighed in but if she is uncomfortable being weighed in front of other people she can speak to the ladies who run it they are lovely I suffer from anxiety and I have asked either to go early or after the meeting if I felt anxious. Also only you can see the weight on the scales and the person Marking it in book. If that's not her cup of tea you can join as an online member same deal just no meetings. I'm a mum myself know how tricky it can be to walk the line of trying to help but not being pushy difficult tightrope. Weight lose is problematic with pcos catch 22 helps if you lose weight but pcos makes it hard to lose weight. Also how old is your daughter? Realised you have to be 18 for online but think it's free for 11-15 in groups not sure of details think it's a reduced rate for parent if they are doing it with child as I dont know her age think that would cover all areas. They do some lovely recipes though and takeaways but Google is a god send can find a lot of the recipes free online in non slimming world websites I hope this helps 😊

walfoh in reply to Fireflygem

She’s in her 20’s but it’s fair to say a little immature for her age. I just know I’m going to get it in the neck when she has to cut out so many of her favourite foods. Thank you so much for your comments . It’s much appreciated. It’s been exhausting just getting to this point. If I hadn’t looked online for a good endocrinologist in Harrogate I don’t know where we’d be right now. The guy was lovely and made up for the female doctor she saw months ago who was appalling. I’m glad she’s retiring. I’d hate her to upset anyone else re PCOS.

Anyway that’s enough of me rambling. I will mention your comments to my daughter and hope it convinces her to at least try the organisation. Have a good Easter. X

That's alright please let her know that it's just adapting I still eat curry, Chinese, kebabs just sw friendly also sweet fixes of choc, ice cream and cake the bars they sell are also nice and if I get a lose once a week I have a naughty day as a reward for weighing in. Have a good Easter hope she manages to find something that works for her maybe joining something with a friend or you as that extra support 😊


Hi! I bought two books when I was diagnosed - PCOS for Dummies (fantastic book full of explanations and answers to lots of questions as well as recipes) and The Low Gi Diet (great to explain more about Low Gi, recipes and recommendations for alternative ingredients to use) I would highly recommend both books which have been really informative for me. I've been eating Low Gi now for a few years and (without trying) lost a dress size within the first month of following the 'diet'. I find it is a healthy lifestyle choice and not a 'quick fix' diet so you don't need to do anything like calorie count, count 'syns' or be weighed. If you buy only one book though then I'd buy the 'PCOS for Dummies' one - It makes all the doctor jargon a lot clearer! 😊

Many thanks for the recommendation. I will certainly get these.

If you join Verity the charity you get 11 booklets on PCOS for £15 membership plus access to the members only area of the website.

Thank you. I will let her know.

Collette Harris pcos books are really good so worth having a look as she has spent years investigating and has the condition too I believe.

I enjoy cooking cause it diverse the diet of my family and makes us familiar with what other people offer. This is why the site is on my favourites list. It contains a vast bank of different recipes. You may follow them completely or you do some experiments with ingredients sort out to fit the meal to your tastes.

Positive options for Polycystic ovary syndrome by Christine Crafts-Hinton and Adam Balen, M.D.

Living with PCOS by Angela Boss, Richard S. Legro, Evelina Weidman Sterling

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