Peeing a lot more than usual. Is it related to PCOS??


I have been peeing a lot more frequently for a few weeks. When it first started I got over excited and thought I was pregnant as I had other symptoms. 3 weeks later and 3 negative tests prove otherwise! I have no burning or anything just going to toilet more than I ever have. Just wondering if this is a symptom of PCOS and I just haven't heard of it. Anyone else have this problem?



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  • I wee a lot but always have, not heard of anyone else doing this tho so not sure if it is pcos related. I do drink a fair amount of water though.

  • Have you been tested for a water infection? I've had water infections in the past with no symptoms at all xx

  • No as I just assumed with no other symptoms it couldn't be that? As it's been a few weeks surely it would have developed and been painful by now? X

  • I only knew i had one when midwife tested my urine so don't know how long id actually had it for! Maybe worth popping a sample into your doctors just to be sure xx

  • Oh really! Yeah I think I will ring them then just to check. Thanks x

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