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Do I have PCOS according to my LH and FSH? Doctors have confused me / 25 female

Hi All! I am very new to PCOS.

I have been struggling about weight loss and maintanence. I am not overweight, but I have 4-5 kgs to lose. By the way, I am not overweight thanks to my extraordinary care and hardwork. I was looking for a thyroid disorder as all my thyroid hormones are low-normal (just near the edge of lowest side of the range). Then after a OGTT, my doctor found out that I have insulin resistance, and due to that, hypoglycemia - despite I exercise very well regularly. Well that was explaining my struggle in weight loss, but then I realized metformin didn't helping after giving it a try for 2 months. Meanwhile; I was on Yasmin (birth control pill) for 4 years until last March, and my periods were regular. Before Yasmin, they were verh regular too. After last march it was:

March-just on time

April-just on time

May-just on time

June-just on time

July-10 days late

Aug-7 days late

Sept-7 days late (26th)



Around the 15th of Nov, I went to my gynecologist, he said everything seemed normal. He asked for hormone tests, and again he said everything was normal. But my T3 was lower than the range and all other thyroid hormones were low-normal as always. I found another doctor to seek for help. This time he said yes I had reactive hypoglycemia due to my insulin resistance; but it was because I had PCOS! He said my LH was higher than my FSH; which is a classical PCOS portrait no matter the fact that I have never had cyst according to my ultrasound results. He prescribed me chromium picolinate and inositol.

Here is what suprises me; my LH is 7.51, and my FSH is 6.11 . According to every article I found online, it says LH/FSH should be bigger than 2-3 to say that this person has PCOS. My ratio is nearly 1.23 ! This means what doctor says is meaningless. Please help me, I don't know to whom to believe anymore. I haven't even told you my adventures with other endocs... every doctor comes up with something else. I am so confused.

Thank you very much in advance.

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What were all your thyroid results with ranges. If your T3 was below range then you are likely hypothyroid but it’s odd that your other results were in range - what about TSH? Could be a problem with your pituitary...


This could then potentially be causing other issues inc pcos like symptoms.

I would post your results on the ThyroidUk forum.

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Thank you very much! I was hoping to see a comment about LH-FSH-PCOS relationship, therefore I wrote this to here. I just wrote a new post with my story and test results to the ThyroidUk forum too.


For there to be a diagnosis of pcos you need to have 2 out of 3 of the criteria. Irregular or no ovulation; raised testosterone/hirsutism; polycystic ovaries on ultrasound. Would this apply to you?

Even if these were the case other causes of the symptoms you are having should be ruled out such as hypothyroidism or pituitary disorders.

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I see that these criterias are not applicable to my condition. I can't believe how unknowledgable and careless the doctors are. Like you said, my problem should be because of something else. Thank you very much for your answers!


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