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Doctor not diagnosing me, Help pls


It hasn’t been confirmed that I have PCOS but I think I do because I’ve done a lot of research. I have most of the symptoms except from irregular periods and acne ( but I did have acne when I was around 15). I’m also obese and I notice that I put on weight quite quickly , and but I just blamed it on slow metabolism. I’ve been to the doctor, but she thinks I do not have it. She made me get blood tests, which I did, but she says that it shows that I don’t have any signs of PCOS. I’m really confused because I know my body, and I know what I may have PCOS , especially insulin resistance. but the doctor is not acknowledging what I’m telling her and I’ m just confused and frustrated. I just don’t know what to do anymore :(

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I am not sure pcos shows up in a blood test, I had a scan that showed I had cysts on my overyes. But I didn't have periods after I'd stopped taking the pill and hair on my chin. Lack of a cycle is the reason I really see th Dr. You could ask for a scan. X

onnomea in reply to Smilithing

Thank you, I’ll ask for a scan. I was confused when she asked for a blood test, I think I need to switch my GP 😂

Lala7 in reply to onnomea

Hi actually I had scan first which showed up pc ovaries then had a blood test to 'confirm' what they saw is pcs. Basically the blood test was for hormone levels and has come back that my testosterone is too high, matching up with all my symptoms, so yes a blood test is necessary If they are testing for hormones. I had to have more blood tests now I am 'diagnosed' to check on cholesterol, thyroids, diabetes etc all strongly linked to pcs. Then next step is cardivascular tests, weight management and looking at the other issues individually. I am so pleased I finally have this diagnosis as I'm soooo fed up with it all, at least now I can get some help! I hope!

Hey, I’m also going through the same thing, I have thinning hair on my head, my hair used to be long and thick and now its thin and fair, I have extra excess hair on my body in places a girl shouldn’t (I lovingly refer to myself as gorilla gal lol), I do have slight spots pop up mainly on cheeks, and I Am slightly overweight I went to the doctors and had a full blood count done, they tested for everything but my results came back fine, he told me my oestrogen levels were good, i feel like I’m going crazy as I know within myself something is wrong and feel it could be PCOS (due to amount of extra hair and where it’s placed etc) but according to doc nothing is wrong! I feel so horrible like less of a girl, unattractive not confident etc and all I want is some answers or solution as to what’s going on.

It’s So frustrating!

I feel your pain, Don’t worry we’ll get through this! Maybe try a different doctor ?

As Smilithing says I would also suggest a scan as blood tests can be hit and miss, cysts are only a symptom and can come and go but you can be diagnosed by symptoms alone - look at the NICE guidelines on PCOS. Also ask to be referred to an endocrinologist as pcos is their area. Sadly it still seems a lot of GP's are not at all knowledgeable about pcos so you need to be referred to someone who understands the hormone imbalance.

The combined pill can help hugely with acne and weight loss so may be worth considering trying it (yasmin is good).


Agreed with the others, it is best to get scan done and check the guidelines.

O have pcos so if you have any questions happy to help where I can.

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