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Low libido

Hi, I'm new here! I'm a 27 year old gym instructor, recently diagnosed with PCOS when I went to the GP with virtually no libido for the last 2-3 years. They sent me for blood tests and then I had the pelvic scan which determined PCOS. However as I don't want children right now they just left it at that and they told me my hormones were fine and said they could refer me to a psychologist! but I've been looking into it and they tested LH, FSH, Androgens (which are slightly high) and Oestradiol. Not progesterone? I've heard progesterone can be low with PCOS, could this be my problem or something else? My other symptoms include acne, night sweats, anxiety, fatigue, concentration problems etc. My lack of libido destroyed my long term relationship so I'm determined to get to the bottom of it. Thanks :)

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Hi! I am in exactly the same situation, since I was made to come off the combine pill, as I'm a possible stroke risk. If you are able to take it, I would do that, I was much happier and had a healthy sex drive before coming off it, and unfortunately for me I can't go back onto it and there are no other medications other than HRT which contain oestrogen...so I have just been prescribed anti depressants to see if that brings my libo back...doubtful x

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