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What does testing for PCOS involve?

So for years, probably about 8 Ish years I've believed I could have PCOS, that was when I first heard it mentioned but I have had symptoms for a lot longer.

I'm 30, I've got problems with facial hair, very irregular periods, light periods, hair loss on my head, struggling to lose weight, bad moods and bad sleep.

I was taking to a friend who said these were all things she experienced before being diagnosed with PCOS.

My problem is I have a terrible phobia of doctors having being treated badly by more than one in the past and even the thought of booking an appointment is too much. However all these things are really setting my life back and I'm thinking if I know exactly what to expect then I might be able to go and speak to a doctor about things.

For me it's mainly the weight and hair loss that's getting to me. And I know you probably think I am rediculus for being an adult scared of the doctor but it's a real problem for me. Can anyone give me more information on how you were diagnosed?

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It does vary, some will do blood test and some will do an internal scan, or both, bloods can come back negative and cysts are only a symptom and not the cause so your ovaries may be cyst free anyway (they are follicles rather than cysts). TBH they wont do much for you even when you are diagnosed (but would be worth getting it if you want children in the future). You can also be diagnosed by symptoms alone, it does vary hugely on your GP though as some are good and some are not so good and not at all clued up on pcos.

Stick to a low GI diet generally and cut out all white carbs. We do need to eat considerably less just to maintain our weight, if we ate the RDA we would still put on 2lb a month so over a stone a year.


Thank you very much.

I can cope with blood tests but there's no way I can deal with an internal scan. I have no intention of having kids at all, so would you think it's pointless trying to get diagnosed?

I've lost 4 stone so far, it's been very difficult but it hasn't made a great difference. Still trying to lost more, I constantly count calories as I find if I am not actively trying to lose weight then I'm gaining. Have cut out majority of white carbs too but I shall make more of a effort there, thank you.


Have you had a smear as it is important to have one too as pcos can cause issues with the uterus lining being too thick and one lady contacted me to say she had developed cancer all due to her GP not telling her how important having periods were!!

If you don't want children then I wouldn't worry I would treat yourself as having pcos and stick to low GI, well done on the 4 stone though as that is one hell of an achievement, they key to losing weight I think is keeping the motivation going which is the most difficult bit.

I'm into my 4th week of the keto diet and lost 4 inches of my waist and 6lb but I can't say I enjoy this diet as it is high in fat which I am not used to. I never had carbs at night anyway as cut them out years ago, but I do struggle with the high fat I have to say but it is a means to an end, Ive never had much of a waist but it was 39 inches so thought I ought to kick my own butt and sort it out!!


No I haven't had a smear. I haven't even Registered at a doctor because of my fear. I'm asexual though and was told generally cervical cancer is a higher risk for people who are sexually active so I don't worry about that too much.

So do you think there's no point in me getting tested for PCOS?

Well done on your loss! That's excellent. All I do is calorie count and switched to wholemeal carbs where possible. I'm definitely struggling to loose anymore though and should really lose another 3 stone to take me into a healthy weight range.


It is so tough losing weight and motivation is half the battle, sounds like you are doing all you should though, How many calories are you having a day, because we store fat so efficiently if you are eating too little then our bodies go into storage mode quite easily so it may be you need to reduce it slightly.

I would register at a GP as a smear will show any issues with your uterus as well, its not just cervical cancer as you can get ovarian cancer from irregular periods. The smears are done by the nurses generally and every one I have had has been lovely and because they do it so often it is very quick (rather than the GP doing it), somehow you need to tackle your fear of it as it is a really important test to have done, and something that you can die from.


I eat between 1250 - 1600 a day, I do an hour's cycling, 10 minute work out and also walk around 14-18k steps a day.


I think you aren't eating nearly enough with the exercise you are doing so your body is going into storage- I would up it to 2000 if you are doing that much exercise


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