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Anti-androgen birth control advice needed!


I've just spoken to my GP surgery about changing my pill from progesterone only (as was breastfeeding), because it's making the PCOS symptoms worse, such as acne and hirsutism, and going back on Yasmin, which I had been on pre-kids for several years and had good results. They've just told me they don't like prescribing Yasmin any more because of my age (now over 35) and the blood clot risk.

Anyone else come across this? What is the favoured anti-androgen pill now?

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Yes lol - I am 49 and still on yasmin, my blood pressure is good and Im overweight a bit but not massively so I just told them I am happy to take the small risk of being on it and being and old girl lol which they accepted

I’m in the same boat turned 35 and GO won’t prescribe it anymore. Now I’m living with even more severe symptoms of PCOS plus heart palpitations every month.

Hols969 in reply to Leogirl82

If your weight and blood pressure is good you can request to be put back on it as long as you confirm you re happy to take the small risk of being on it

Update: I had a good chat with a different GP and they've put me onto Daylette, it's the low-dose version of Yasmin, same amount of anti-androgen but less hormones so lower risk. Also known as Yaz, but Daylette is a generic cheaper option. It's a 24/4 pill, so you have 28 but 4 are placebos.

She also said that although it's not licensed for it, I can take it without the break (ie not take the placebo ones and go straight to next strip) to avoid any periods. Yeay!

Not yet on it but looking forward to some positive side effects!!

Only downside I've read really is that due to lower hormones may have more breakthrough bleeds. Hopefully not!

They were really really against the Yasmin option and basically refused.

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