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Diet to help lose weight with pcos?

Hi I have been diagnosed with PCOS after a year of no periods after coming off the pill and testosterone levels above average from a blood test. I've had a scan and it has been confirmed. My hub and I are trying for a baby and have been told we can go straight to IVF due to our situation but I need to lose just under a stone first. Please can you help with advice on diet and how to lose weight with pcos? I find it it really difficult to lose weight and keep it off despite a healthy balanced diet. Are there certain foods I should be avoiding? Does anyone find they get a bit of IBS with PCOS too? Sorry am new to this! Any help would be appreciated x

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Hiya I take myo inositol and chiro inositol for my pcos as it's got very good research with helping conception and insulin resistance. I've differently lost weight since taking it last month. Please google it lots of good info. I read that white rice is not great for pcos but generally it's better to foll a low GI diet if possible! The pcos will keep weight on you because of the insulin resistance that comes with pcos so you need to eat every 3 hrs to stabilize the blood sugar levels. The docter can give you meds for periods and help with ovulation but please look up the inositol has helped a lot of women ovulation and periods.


I have PCOS and find that the Atkins diet is amazing for me. Not only do I lose weight but I have regular periods too. I was first recommended Atkins by an endocrinologist who I was seeing for my under active thyroid. Atkins is really hard to keep on track with though so I do a couple of weeks of phase 1 induction Atkins interspersed with a couple of weeks of Slimming World (but with no pasta rice or potato). It has taken me a year, but I have lost 2stone.

Good luck!


Hi this is exactly the situation I had and it was only through a chance encounter in a waiting room with another sufferer that I decided to go Gluten Free (which is like the Atkins diet in many ways, cutting out or eating gluten-free carbs). I shed the weight and fell pregnant without IVF and have been Gluten-free ever since.

I will just mention that I did one session of Accupunture at the same time and although it wasn't for me and I don't attribute the pregnancy to that session, many people swear by that too.


Thanks everyone for your help. I'm going to give the GF diet a go as gluten has always made me feel a bit bloated anyway so it should have a positive effect! Good luck to you all trying to lose weight xx


I'm in the same situation and going GF has helped massively! Something that us women with PCOS need to be extra careful of (that we don't often get told) is keeping our blood sugar levels steady. Any food like white bread, pasta, biscuits, white flour, cakes etc causes havoc with our blood sugar levels so cutting those out is definitely worth it. I was diagnosed about 18 months ago, and 4 months after cutting out gluten, dairy and sugar all of my cysts have gone


There are some books you can get which will help. Have a look in a good bookstore or have a look online. I found them helpful. Good luck xx


I think il try Atkins too. I was looking for a solution for my pcos condition too. Since only exercise doesn't help me much. Thanks guys :D


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