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Weight link to PCOS?

Hi everyone, so glad to have found some online support for this condition. I was diagnosed by 'chance' a few months ago - I had a cervical erosion which they did an ultrasound scan for as part of investigation - which showed polycystic ovaries. It was quite hard to understand but the consultant said the hormone imbalance linked to the polycystic ovaries is probably a cause for the erosion, and a possible explanation for why I had such severe acne previously. I don't appear to have 'typical' symptoms , but I'm now wondering if my struggles to lose weight may be linked to this. I am 11st 8, have typically been around the 11st mark in adulthood , and currently a size 12-14. Although this isn't extremely overweight I just feel heavier than I'd like to but I do feel that attempts to lose weight never get me very far. I wouldn't say I eat very unhealthily and even when I've exercised multiple times a week it didn't seem to make a difference. Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone else has more information or experiences on weight loss / with pcos? I have refused any hormone medication because I'm petrified of any additional hormones messing up my skin or giving me other symptoms. (I eventually achieved better skin by using roaccutane) I use a copper coil for contraception for this same reason. Would also like to know people's thoughts on hormone treatments for this reason - I do suffer with bad mood swings and wonder if this is also linked , and question if I'm being silly to avoid any treatment if it might actually solve these problems for me!?

Looking forward to speaking with some of you - apologies for such a long post!!


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Hi there

I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 21 where I was also told I would never have a child due to the severity of the condition. I too have had a lot of weight issues with PCOS made worse by a second underlying condition.

I have found the best thing for me was joining weight watchers as all your food is monitored by points due to the level of fats/calories in certain foods. I have lost 3 1/2 stone so far with another couple to go (at my heaviest I was 17 1/2 stone).

I am 40 now and glad to say I proved the medical profession wrong as I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter - who for two reasons shouldn't be here today. The first being PCOS, and the second being a condition called Hughes Syndrome (sticky blood).

Like you I have the coil fitted - this is because of the second condition I mentioned, as this can affect hormones in the body - again effecting weight issues.

I was so glad to see the weight coming off when joining weight watchers, maybe something to think about if you need a little help in the right direction!

Take care, Sally

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Thank you for your advice - it's reassuring to know I'm not going mad! Will have a look at the weight watchers plan x


Yes you are classic pcos, weight, mood swings. We would gain 2lb a month just by eating the RDA so do need to eat less than a non pcos lady. The combined contraceptive pill can help with most of the symptoms, I find it much easier to lose weight when on it, still slow going. Endocrinologists who specialise in PCOS generally recommend the combined pill as it does control the symptoms, I have been on it on and off for 30 years and generally life is less pcos which makes my life better. There is a small risk of being on the combined pill but in my opinion I would rather take that small risk rather than have the horrible symptoms of the condition.

If you join Verity as a member you will get 11 booklets on the condition as their are long term issues as well that need to be kept at bay, which is £15 for a years membership. It will explain all your symptoms as you are classic pcos symptom wise :-)

I was the same as Sal and told I wouldn't be able to have children but have Noah who was 11 the other day, it is pretty rare not to conceive just because of pcos and lots of ladies conceive naturally but there is a lot more knowledge on the condition now unlike when I was diagnosed 25+ years ago.

Good luck, it is not all doom and gloom but I would definitely try the combined pill (I like yasmin) as it does keep things a bit more under control and makes life that much easier.

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Thank you that's really helpful - I'm going to give it a week longer and then bite the bullet and make a decision! I'll perhaps have a look in to the pill - I have been on it before but years ago so il do my research! Certainly sounds worth a go and can always come off if need be .. have seen other posts of people referring to the marina coil (I have the copper one) but if pill does the same thing might be easier to try first.. !

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I have the marina coil fitted. This is because the other condition I have caused problems when I was on the pill and the hormonal imbalances led to three blood clots and a bleed on the brain. That is why the coil is the safer option for me.

It's all a bit of trial and error unfortunately.

Hope you find something that works for you x Sally


The marina coil is liked by a lot of pcos ladies too


Hi I had the marina coil and would recommend it. It helped with my skin and weight gain x


Hi marina I was very overweight from around the age of 17/18 I tried diets, I exercised I done everything possible apart from starve myself. It wasn't till I was about 33/34 I was taken seriously I was prescribed metoformin and in 6 months I lost 6 stone I would definitely recommend, other health problems got in way after that and I have been off my metoformin for about a year now and I am slimmer now than I was when I was 15 lol. I am 40 soon. Good luck and hope you find your solution x


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