PCOS and constant weight gain

Ive been huge and I've been tiny thanks to metformin but due to the terrible side effects I had to come off them. I ended up gaining 30kg again! I eat gluten dairy sugar free diet. I have taken everything under the sun to help but the weight won't budge! I can't fit into any clothes. Stopped going out. Constantly bashed about my weight from family. Also I'm such a fidget I'm always on the move so always burning calories just horrible life now. Also stopped all hormone pills etc. Any help out there? Thanks!

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  • The only thing I can suggest is exercise. I know it's probably the last thing you want to hear. But I swear getting out and walking a couple of miles a day with my dog has kept the pcos devil from the door. I could definitely do more but I have three kids so I struggle with free time. Plus it lifts your mood. It's not so hot now so getting sweaty and disgusting not so much of an issue- I used to get light headed in the summer. Good luck and hth xx

  • I personally would go back on the combined contraceptive as it makes your body less pcos and in turn makes losing weight much easier. We naturally will put on 2lb a month just by eating the recommended daily amount.

    I quite like the 5:2 diet as it costs nothing and actually now I have got my brain around it I find it quite easy.

    I would also look at portion size, I remember going to a Verity conference once and they advised what amount you should eat and I was quite shocked actually as I was eating 2-3 times more than that!! Ive cut out carbs at night as well which I think helps too and I snack on carrots during the day as they are quite sweet so I rarely crave any sugar nowadays.

  • I so feel you, when we hate what we look like, everything seems so stressful and the comments from your family don't help!....it sounds like you are doing everything right with the diet, try exercise like Emmy suggested but start looking at emotional and stress management. The stress from dealing with this, the after affect from the synthetic hormones and the frustration is gonna shoot those cortisol levels up and that just programs your body to store fat. I am a homeopath, so homeopathy and EFT has worked really well for me but start exploring emotional outlet that will make you feel better , let me know if you want more suggestions, but hang in there, you are not alone

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