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Eating Disorder and PCOs friendly diet


Hey! Please, I wanted to know - when I started dieting for my PCOs (with a diet low in starch) I really saw a difference in my symptoms. I was always in a normal weight to begin with, but I lost a lot during a short period of time. Within months I had developped an eating disorder and all the benefits of the diet went away as I had no energy. Anyone else has problems with that? I wanted to go back to the point where the diet was healthy for me, and eat less starch again but I am afraid of becoming anorexic once more if I do so.

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I haven't come across anyone with the same issue as you before. Low GI really is the best diet to follow - the best diet I found was 'the answer to pcos' as you lose weight at a proper steady pace. It is £10 on their website currently. What tests have you had along with pcos, have you been tested for insulin resistance (double blood test with sugary drink inbetween). Diabetes can cause rapid weight loss. It is pretty rare with pcos to have rapid weight loss.

batcatinahat in reply to Hols969

I’ve been asking for an insulin resistance test but my GP refuses- says they’re not used any more anyway- as my A1C and blood sugar are always fine; blood sugar’s on the lower side if anything. I’ve had night sweats with shakes for many years and get shaky and dizzy if I don’t eat every 2-3 hours during the day. My diet is full of sugar, refined carbs, and caffeine, so I’m working on improving that.

Hi batcatinahat

I will get shaky if I have empty gaps between high carby meals or drinks. At work we used to have drinks rounds, although I never had sugar in them. If I waited too long before another one I would start getting shaky! It was the sugar added to the whitener!

I had to start bringing in proper cows milk! They were machine drinks.

I am back on our diet now. I am into natural foods avoiding any thing processed. I make lots of stir fries in olive oil & water. Fresh veg and add spices and things like buckwheat, chick peas and kidney beans, chicken or fish to balk it out. Anything with low carbs.

I struggle with this too- looking back I’ve clearly had PCOS since puberty but it wasn’t diagnosed until a couple of years ago. I’ve struggled with eating disorders on and off for about 15 years now. I see a counsellor privately (I also have depression) but have been unable to get any help on the NHS, apart from a really unhelpful dietician, because I wasn’t ‘bad enough’ when I finally asked. I vary between bingeing, restricting, and comfort overeating, and have been every weight under the sun. I’m constantly trying to practice mindfulness when I’m eating, so I’m more aware of my emotions and bodily sensations. Would you consider approaching a professional about your concerns?

Me too, lol!

Seriously, I can identify with possible eating disorder.

Haven't avoided starch. But I am worried about eating sometimes cos of weight gain.

But many years ago I watched a friend who only ate when she was hungry. She had a really good figure, with no worries. I decided to try that. I lost 2pound a week. Ate what ever I wanted but stop when I had a nibble more or less. In the end I lost so much I was bony. I stopped as I knew l just kept losing (I hoped to find a good weight 😔) size 6 clothes I got into in the end! I felt like I was missing something, not ill, but I can't really explain, sort of depressing.

It gets on my nerves, I get sick of worrying about what I eat in order to stay the same!


I cut out most carbs, dairy and grains. I managed to break the binge, restrict, overeat cycle by-- and you're probably going to laugh-- by eating sausage. Yes. Sausage. Two in the morning, one at lunch and two-three at dinner along with whatever else I liked and could eat on my 1300calorie daily budget. Lost 20 pounds between May and July. But I swear it kept me from feeling hungry all darned day, like "eating healthy" does where you're expected to just suffer the hungry, and getting the shakes. Never realized the shakes were part of the PCOS thing until I did that. They aren't huge expenditures calorie wise either.

The irony of the whole thing is I hate British sausage.

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