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Trying to lose weight with PCOS


Hi, I only found out I had PCOS when I was trying to get pregnant 6 years ago and was then diagnosed. It hasn't caused me too many issues since then but now trying to lose weight and get healthy and I understand weight gain is a sympton. Also trying to lose weight can be an issue. Other then the norm of exercise and healthy eating, has anybody else with PCOS done anything differently when trying to lose weight? Will seeing a GP or dietician be of use? Thanks.

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GP and dietitian often aren't that knowledgeable about weight and pcos - if you ate the RDA you would still put on 2lb a year so over a stone a year just by eating the RDA so you do need to eat considerably less than a non pcos lady just to stay the same weight. So it is a battle..... Low GI generally is the way to go. I have actually just started the Keto diet (high fat low carb) - only day 5 and lost an inch off my waist already so I am hoping I can lose the stone and a half I want to. I also quite like the 5:2 fasting diet which I will go onto to maintain my weight (you do have to get your head around it though, but it does change how you feel about hunger)

Cut out all white carbs and obviously as much sugar as possible. Motivation is key tho as it is slow going it can be tricky to keep your umph going

wilden in reply to Hols969

Thanks for the advice. I have cut out carbs and alcohol so will see how that goes but will also look into the keto diet. Good luck!

Hi! I also have PCOS. Just wondering if you ever get pregnant? And was it hard?

hi, I was diagnosed with pcos when I had trouble getting pregnant. I was prescribe metformin and after 6 months it worked! Might be worth speaking to your GP about metformin.

Pumpkin_soup in reply to wilden

What dose of metformin were you taking?x

Hi I was trying to get pregnant since I was 19. I had so many test and every hormone treatment you could think of. When I was 23 I decided to stop all the tests and hormones and take a more healthy diet ect. I stopped thinking about trying to get pregnant as the monthly disappointments where horrid. I had surgery on my spine so it gave me something other than pcos to think about. 6 weeks after surgery I found out I was pregnant. I have a beautiful little girl who is 5. So never give up hope after all the hormones ect I was on for years I ended up getting pregnant with no help. I am thankful every day. I hope this helps and finds you well xxx

Hi Wilden,

I was diagnosed at the end of 2016 with PCOS, and as we already had a 4 year old daughter at the time and I had a very high bmi very little help was available to us, despite loosing 2 babies in the 18 months following my daughter being born. Thankfully I decided knowing very little about PCOS, that the only way I could improve thing was to shed some weight so I joined slimming world, at the end of Oct’ 16 and managed to loose 3st 11lb by the end of jan which was enough to convince my new GP to help me look into other things that might of been causing the secondary infertility eventually leading to being put onto metformin in May 2017, I did stop taking it during August due to some of the side effects and put 1st back on after stopping Sw mid July for personal reasons. Anyway I decided to give the metformin another try in September and went back to Sw in October and lost 13lb in 4 weeks, on the 7th of November we found out by some miracle we have conceived naturally with only the metformin. I am currently 14weeks pregnant and doing ok despite a couple of hiccups but thankfully everything is looking positive and hopefully our rainbow baby will arrive safely in July 😍.

Wishing you all the luck with your journey. Slimming world really did help if nothing else it got me to a weight that the GP would help me with.

I'm just about within the healthy BMI and my gynaecologist said he'd prescribe metformin next time I see him, and that a low carb diet will help too!

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