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PCOS weight loss help!!?

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for some advice really..

I have always been a lot bigger on my bottom half, pear shaped, but it seems to be a bit more of an enhanced pear! What's frustrating is I have a tiny waist and flat stomach, but massive bum thighs, calves and cankles but small bony feet. And finding jeans that fit nice is as close to impossible as pigs flying. It started really when I hit puberty, around 13/14.

I never really cared about my shape until I got to about 16 and I got bullied for having 'tree trunk' legs and so on. Mum and dad don't have a single body issue and that has helped a lot because it just means i have less pressure around the subject.

About a year and a half ago I had huge pains in my lower right abdomen which although initially the docs thought was my appendix was later diagnosed after tests and internal ultrasounds that it was in fact PCOS causing all this.

I have dieted and nothing worked and I now just without any intentions for weight loss I eat 'right' - healthily but treats too and I also go to the gym and run three times a week. Ive never been able to shift any weight no matter what I do, even doing the body coach (Joell Wicks). In a more desperate attempt I signed up to sugar free Feb this year for cancer research- I found the challenge amazing and I cut out all refined sugar and made more meals from scratch .. but I managed to gain 2 lbs doing it.. I ate less and gained I didn't understand at all.

So now I'm looking for others helpful tips and advice and stories, if you've got PCOS how have you lost weight?! I've seen some people with PCOS have insulin resistance, could this be something I'm struggling against without knowing?

Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you ❤️

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Ask for a glucose tolerance test - you need the double blood test, so blood test then sugary drink then further blood test as it shows how your body deals with insulin - they say they don't do this test any more but they do, it is just more expensive. They will try and fob you off with the one blood test that shows your body over the last 30 days but doesn't show how your body deals with insulin. Low GI is generally the way to go from a pcos point of view.

You are a different shape to the standard pcos lady as the majority have a fat middle rather than the classic pear shape. one thing I would say is that it could be just your body shape, and in my view as long as it is firm and toned then it could look very womanly - ladies can be quite shapeless nowadays but sounds like you have shape! My friend had the same issue (not pcos) and there was nothing she could do to change it so she just dressed in things that really flattered her tiny waist (wish I had a waist!!)


Thanks for the message and support!

I indeed was told they don't do those tests anymore ! I will have to go back. I may try a low GI diet and see where that gets me.

I mean I don't mind the pear shape at all, but it's just being a 10 on top and barely fitting into a 14 jeans is quite frustrating. I'd just like to be a little better balance so skirts didn't look like it had a completely different woman coming out the top from the bottom lol! I may have to get into the fashion wagon and take note of what things would look flattering !

Thank you again I really appreciate the response ❤️

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I bet it is frustrating, especially for dresses. You may just have to try and balance it better with clothing so fuller tops so you look more balanced. I think what I have learnt as I have got older that you just have to accept your body for what it is, yes I have no waist and I would love a waist but it is my shape and I just try and flatter it as best I can (I am an old bird at 47 tho so thank goodness don't have to deal with the imagey way things are now). Too much air brushing on everything really, gives it a very unnatural look, not to mention unrealistic!!


You're not old! That it still so young these days!

I'm only 23. My parents have never had body issues and that's so beneficial and makes such an impact on my upbringing. I have been with my boyfriend now fiancé since I was 14 too and he's always telling me I'm perfect. But I would like to lose weight for my joints, as I do get joint pain when I do my running (doc also not very helpful there either) as I'd like to avoid two knee replacements like my mum has had to have done before she even reached 60. The Doc doesn't seem to want to prevent rather sort it out when it happens which is annoying!!

Definitely going to do a bit of googling on pear shaped clothing styles and get some summer tops in! Try the low GI and see if it gets me anywhere.

Thank you!!!

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Also the problem is you never lose weight where you want either, I can never get it off my waist however much I try!! You are perfect as you are you just need to believe, look at the good points rather than focusing on what you think are the negatives. I think it is more tricky nowadays though as everything 'seems' so perfect but the majority are not and have been tweaked to look perfect.

No I am not that old - still feel your age, just the body doesn't quite agree :-)

Good luck in the clothes hunting!



I have a similar issue. I have PCOS and cannot lose weight on my thigh and bum for the life of me!

Have you ever heard of Plexus? It helps controlling blood sugar levels.. cholesterol...puts everything in balance.. it has helped loads of people with Pcos.. it has helped them to conceive too!!


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