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TTC and lose weight with PCOS

Hi, I'm 37yr old and was told I have PCOS at 21yrs, after the hospital missed it at 18yrs just because they did not do a scan.

My husband and I are TTC and am awaiting to attend second appointment at the fertility clinic.

I am trying to lose weight before then as this have been advised. Have lost 6lb in three weeks.

Just wondering if anyone else in TTC and having to lose weight too.

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Well done on your weight loss! I was also diagnosed with PCOS at 21 (I'm now 36) and had trouble conceiving due to being overweight. I tried lots of different things with short term success and have found that the only thing that has worked for me long term has been the Juice Plus products, clean eating and exercise and I now have a son who is 3 years old :)

Good luck with everything xx

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Well done and congratulations.

Thank you for replying. So good to here that these obstacles can be over come.

Get frustrated with myself as 4yrs ago I had lost 9.5st but due to depression weight has gone back on. But know that we can get there.



Thank you, and you're very welcome :)

I know that depression can be a massive obstacle to weight loss, but your determination will get you through it .. just have to keep going! I found that breaking everything down and setting small goals worked really well for me xx

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Try the 5:2 as it has clinically proven to reduce insulin resistance which is common with pcos as well. I personally dont think juice plus are that great as I know lots of people who have put the weight back on straight away.

Once you get your head around the 5;2 it is easy, has totally changed how I feel about being hungry.

I lost a stone just before I got pregnant (age 36) and also had reflexology once a week which I am sure helped me conceive (Noah is now 10). I had regular (ish) periods but rarely ovulated and my hubbie had dodgy sperm too (put him on the Boots vit c and zinc tablets and it improved by over 100% in a year - his diet wasnt terrible, didnt drink or smoke so we didnt expect him to have issues to).

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I'm not ttc, but I have PCOS and was referred to a dietician, prescribed metformin and have lost a stone since following the diet plan I got - A calorie controlled balanced diet of carbs, protein, dairy, fats, fruit and veg and some extra calories left over. It doesn't feel like a diet. A stone is about what I needed to lose to be at normal weight range.

2lb a week is good! Took me longer. Metformin is said to help with ovulation too, maybe its something to ask about. I think different consultants have different opinions.

Good luck :)

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Hi Yorkie02. Well done on weight loss, its so hard sometimes.

Dr is referring me to dietician. I have had metformin before with bad side effects but that was 16 years ago. Have been think to trying it again. x


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